Marketplace January 2, 2024

EC Synkowski: Meet the Powerhouse Behind OptimizeMe Nutrition’s Success in the CrossFit Community


In a world where nutrition challenges come and go, leaving participants disillusioned and with short-lived results, OptimizeMe Nutrition has emerged as a pillar of sustainability and evidence-based education. Founded in 2018 by EvaClaire Synkowski, known to most as EC, this company has set out to transform the way individuals and businesses approach nutrition, particularly within the CrossFit community. With a focus on long-term dietary habits and a commitment to scientific rigor, OptimizeMe Nutrition has become the go-to resource for athletes seeking optimal performance.

But what sets OptimizeMe Nutrition challenges apart from other nutrition challenges in the industry?

“First and foremost, our challenges are designed to establish dietary habits that can be sustained indefinitely. These aren’t 30-day crash challenges that aren’t sustainable. Instead, our focus is on incorporating essential elements found in every healthy and sustainable diet, such as fruits, vegetables, and adequate protein,” EC said.

What sets OptimizeMe Nutrition challenges further apart is the dedication to evidence-based education. Unlike other programs that provide minimal support after kick-off, EC is there every step of the way, offering valuable insights, answering frequently asked questions, and empowering participants with the knowledge they need to make informed choices.

“We pride ourselves on avoiding gimmicks, hacks, or junk science,” EC continued. “Instead, we emphasize the basics that have been proven to work consistently, much like the principles of fitness. Our approach is grounded in sound scientific principles and focuses on what truly matters for long-term health and performance.”

EC’s journey to becoming a respected nutrition expert is marked by her strong background in the biological sciences. With a bachelor’s degree in Biochem Engineering and a master’s degree in environmental sciences, focusing on genetics, she began her exploration of nutrition. She further expanded her expertise by obtaining a second master’s degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Additionally, EC holds certifications as a Certified Nutrition Specialist® and a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist. Her time at CrossFit HQ from 2006 to 2017, during which she wrote course materials for Level 1 and Level 2 seminars and served as a Flowmaster, equipped her with an unrivaled understanding of the unique nutritional needs of CrossFit athletes.

To stay at the forefront of scientific developments in the field of nutrition, OptimizeMe Nutrition adopts a multifaceted approach. EC and her team diligently review newly published research each week, ensuring they remain up to date with the latest findings. In addition, the weekly podcast, aptly named “The Consistency Project,” delves into scientific discussions, often featuring guest experts. EC’s commitment to continuing education requirements for her state licensure as a nutritionist further underscores her dedication to staying knowledgeable in the ever-evolving field.

So, what prompted OptimizeMe Nutrition to choose SugarWOD as its partner? For EC, the answer is simple: SugarWOD’s exceptional platform for CrossFit gyms aligns perfectly with her company’s mission.

“Having previously worked for CrossFit HQ, many of my clients are dedicated CrossFitters,” EC said. “The decision to collaborate with SugarWOD was a no-brainer. It allows us to seamlessly integrate our program into the CrossFit community, providing athletes with the nutritional support they need.”

The success stories and testimonials pouring in from CrossFit athletes and gym owners are a testament to the transformative power of OptimizeMe Nutrition challenges. Lindsay Andrew of CrossFit Voltage & Albemarle praises the invaluable support provided by OptimizeMe Nutrition and SugarWOD, enabling her to focus on engaging her community. Andrew highlights, “The support received from OptimizeMe Nutrition is invaluable. All of the time-consuming tasks are done for you, allowing you to focus your efforts on your community’s engagement. Integration with the SugarWOD app has made this the easiest challenge I’ve ever run.”

Todd Occhiuto of DRiV FiTNESS echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the simplicity and effectiveness of the #800gChallenge facilitated by OptimizeMe Nutrition and SugarWOD. Occhiuto shares, “The #800gChallenge was by far the simplest challenge we have ever executed, yet it provided more content than we have ever had before.”

When asked about the common misconceptions in nutrition that her program aims to debunk, EC pointed to two critical aspects that OptimizeMe Nutrition addresses. Firstly, she emphasizes that fruits and vegetables not only contribute to overall health but also optimize athletic performance. Secondly, EC dispels the belief that specific diet plans tailored to hormones, inflammation, age, or sex are necessary. Instead, OptimizeMe Nutrition focuses on the importance of quality protein, sufficient calorie intake, and individualized goals.

In addition, we also wanted to know about the most common questions EC receives from athletes regarding nutrition. One recurring query revolves around the timing of post-workout protein consumption. While the concept of increased muscle protein synthesis after a workout is widely discussed, EC clarifies that this process does not necessarily result in greater muscle mass or improved performance.

“Instead, the key focus should be on ensuring the right total amount of protein is consumed daily, regardless of the specific timing,” EC emphasized.

Another common question posed to EC is whether CrossFitters should adopt a low-carb approach. In response, EC promptly dismisses this notion and emphasizes the importance of carbohydrates for high-intensity activities.

“It’s important to address a common issue in nutrition where the terms ‘high’ and ‘low’ are used without being specific enough,” EC said. “While many CrossFitters may consume fewer carbs compared to the average American, it does not mean they should follow a ‘low’ carb approach in the sense of adhering to ketogenic diets or relying solely on carbs from vegetables. High-intensity activity necessitates carbohydrates, which is why a moderate amount of carbs per day is optimal.”

While CrossFitters may consume fewer carbs compared to the average American, EC recommends a moderate carbohydrate intake, around 40% of daily calories, for optimal performance. The appropriate amount of carbs should be determined based on individual factors such as calorie intake, activity levels, and personal context, typically ranging from 200 to 250 grams per day.

Looking to the future, OptimizeMe Nutrition has exciting initiatives in the pipeline that promise to deepen their impact within the CrossFit community. EC has launched an affiliate coach program, providing coaches with the tools and materials needed to excel in the realm of nutrition coaching. The Masterclass, a pivotal step toward becoming an affiliate coach, is set to welcome its next cohort in January. With these initiatives, OptimizeMe Nutrition aims to empower an ever-expanding network of coaches, ensuring that the transformative power of optimal nutrition reaches far and wide.

As OptimizeMe Nutrition continues to grow and expand its offerings, EC’s focus remains on empowering other coaches to elevate their nutrition practices. By scaling up and providing valuable resources to nutrition coaches, OptimizeMe Nutrition aims to make a lasting impact on the health and well-being of athletes across the globe.

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