Raise the bar.

Reinforce a strong culture of preparation, accountability and camaraderie.

More than 250 Athletes? For each incremental tier increase of 100 athletes beyond 250, please contact our team.

Pay only for your registered athletes. No contracts, cancel anytime.

Questions? Please see our Pricing FAQs below.

I love this app, it’s stunningly perfect. I knew after 24 hours that we were never going back. We have 3x as many people using it compared to Zen Planner. I love ZP for everything else, but you guys NAILED WOD tracking and gym interaction around it.

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Pricing FAQs

Which price package should I choose?

You don’t need to choose anything! Your subscription will start at the correct level based on the number of athletes currently registered in your gym. Each month, the system will adjust your price (up or down) based on the current number of athletes registered on that date.

How do you count athletes?

You will be charged only for the athletes that are currently registered in SugarWOD, not the entire membership of your gym. SugarWOD will automatically adjust your subscription tier as athletes join or leave your gym.

I have multiple locations, can I use SugarWOD?

Yes, of course! Many multi-location boxes use SugarWOD. Most choose to create a single “virtual box” to help strengthen their community. Please email us and we will answer your questions and get you set up.

I'm not a member of a box, can I use SugarWOD?

Yes! Download the app for free and create an account. Instead of joining a box, choose “Independent Athlete”. You can still use all of SugarWOD’s tools to log your workouts and share with your friends.