A solution for the “front of the house”.

You have a back-end system for billing, point-of-sale and payroll. Now, scale and grow the most visible part of your business with tools that support a more professional workout experience. SugarWOD simplifies program management, creates a more consistent class experience, and strengthens the community at your gym.

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Easily Manage and Scale Your Gym

Simple Program Management

Make your programming process simpler with a library of 1000s of WODs, an easy-to-use programming tool, multiple users who can support your programming, and integrations with paid programming publishers.

Data, Data, Data

With access to deep analytics, keep tabs on the health of your gym with a look at the performance, progress, and participation of your members and coaches.

Automated Publishing

Share the day’s workouts when and where you want. Once programmed, workouts are automatically published to your website, BoxTV, social media, mobile apps, and more.

Features Built for Gyms

WOD Syndication

Automatically publish your workouts to your website, BoxTV, the mobile app, and RSS/HTML feeds


Display your whiteboard, preparation videos, and the scoreboard in your gym using our BoxTV tool.

Participation Metrics

See which athletes are the social “hub” of your gym and which may be feeling left out.

Coach's "Report Card"

Are your coaches leading by example? Are they communicating with your members? Now you’ll know.

Programming Management

Our drag and drop programming calendar and library of 1000s of workouts makes programming simple.

Programming Marketplace

Integrations with professional programmers like CompTrain, Warmup & Workout and Project Roots provides immediate access to paid programming.

Gym Access and Security

Monitor and control who has access to your “virtual gym” with access codes and athlete management tools.

Box Branding

With customizable logo, image, and announcement features, you can extend your box’s brand to your athlete’s mobile device.

Athlete Prep Tools

Your athletes will come to class more prepared after SugarWOD provides them with movement preparation videos and details on their workout history

Gym Scoreboards

Up-to-date scoreboards for every benchmark and lift that your gym tracks.

Community Building

With the ability for athletes and coaches to connect and encourage each other through fist bumps and comments your community will strengthen

Coach’s Only Tools

The SugarWOD web app makes it easy to manage all of your gym’s programming, performance, and participation

Knowledgeable Support

With an NPS of 72 (the same satisfaction score as Apple) our team is here to answer your questions quickly by phone, email, and chat support

Reliable Technology

From Day 1, SugarWOD has been built to scale on industry leading Amazon Web Services. Our up-time track record is second to none, SugarWOD is fast and reliable all day long.

I love SugarWOD for its ease-of-use. Programming workouts is simple. We have a TV in the gym so all members can check the scoreboard.

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