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A product that was designed to do just one thing exceptionally well: give coaches and everyday athletes a memorable workout experience.

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SugarWOD gives our community a FUN way to track workouts and support each other. Helps us with our mission of Building a Strong Community…. all about the community!

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Strengthen your gym's community.

SugarWOD creates strong athlete bonds among friends and between classes, inside and outside the box. We help coaches maintain authentic, knowledgeable relationships with members even as your gym and business grows.

Your coaches are leaders, equip them to succeed.

Your best coaches change members’ lives with an artistic blend of empathy, tough love and the knowledgeable application of functional training. SugarWOD helps your staff collaborate through the entire workout process. Research, programming, class plans, performance tracking and analysis… it’s all here!

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SugarWOD Video
SugarWOD Video

Run consistent and effective classes, every hour.

Use “BoxTV” on the gym floor to introduce your workouts or in the lounge to highlight your members’ achievements. Go completely digital or keep it old-school: screens are always optional in SugarWOD’s mobile-first system. Your members deserve a fun way to prepare for and celebrate their workouts. With a well-defined workout process and an integrated end-to-end solution, your athletes and coaches will collaborate to perform at their peak.