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The workout is the of your box.

It's what your coaches teach, it's why your athletes come in, and it's what we all talk about after class. Your box's life revolves around the workout.

Is your workout process optimized?

• Does your workout get communicated consistently?
• How much class time is wasted looking up barbell 1 rep maxes?
• Are your new athletes integrating into your community? Or will they drop out?
• Do you have a whole-gym community? Or 6am/9am/5pm cliques?

Finally, simple workout software.

SugarWOD will PR your workout experience because it is simple, fun and powerful.
So find a backend gym operations system that does its job.
But choose the workout solution that your athletes will love to use.

SugarWOD gives you the power to deliver an effective & fun workout experience.

We tried the all-in-one gym packages but I love that SugarWOD focuses on the workout. It is the best option for performance tracking and strengthening community.

Kaylee Suitors, Co-Owner / CrossFit Solus

Give your athletes a fun way to prepare, perform and celebrate their WODs.

Performance tracking becomes an easy & addicting habit.

Give your coaches a simple way to program workouts, set WOD plans
and communicate with your athletes.

Classes will be more efficient & consistent throughout the day.

Encourage the camaraderie of your gym with fist bumps, comments, scoreboards and photos.

Your athlete community will grow stronger together.

Workout programming and publishing tools tools that keep  your mobile apps, TVs and website always up-to-date.

You save time while your business grows.

Sweet Features

A Product Deeper Than Our Air Squat.


  • Percentage Calculators
  • Kgs or Lbs Logging
  • Box Security Settings
  • Coaches-Only Workout Plans
  • Privacy Controls
  • 1000s of Built-in Workouts


  • Fistbumps & Comments
  • Photos & Scoreboards
  • Movement Videos
  • Automatic PR calculation
  • Facebook Integration ()
  • Mobile WOD Notifications


  • Multi-Screen BoxTVs
  • Workout Plugin for Your Website
  • Lightening Fast Workout Search
  • Drag & Drop Programming
  • Automated Workout Prep Materials
  • Multiple Workout Calendars

85% of our members log regularly, with no reminder from the staff. That's HUGE!

Nicole Christensen, Co-Owner / CrossFit Roots

Simple Pricing

2 Week Free Trial to Start. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.


Per Month

Email Us!
As little as $0.39¢ per athlete!
Pay only for the athletes that participate.

All paid plans include:

  • iPhone & Android Mobile Apps
  • Coach's Programming & Analysis Tools
  • Unlimited Whiteboards & Workouts
  • "BoxTV" Workouts & Leaderboard
  • Plugin for Your Website
  • Multiple Workout Calendars
  • Mobile WOD Notifications
  • Affiliate Branding & Security
  • Fantastic Support
Yeah, we're athletes and we like a little competition. See how SugarWOD's pricing stacks up here, here and here.

Real Business Impact

Much more than workout tracking.

Keep Members Longer

Is it harder to get a new member or keep a current one?

A stronger community, better coach-to-athlete communications, and new member dashboards will help increase your member retention.
SugarWOD will pay for itself by keeping just one member for a couple of months.

More Efficient Classes

How much time is wasted during class?
Is it easy to train a new coach?

With SugarWOD, your athletes will come to class knowing the workout, their relevant PRs, maxes and percentages. Your coaches will know your athlete's names, faces, and numbers too!

Justify Your Prices

How do you explain your prices when compared to a globo gym?

Use SugarWOD's performance and attendence metrics to document and communicate your athletes fitness improvements. Show them the value they're receiving!
Why are the first 10 athletes free?
We ran SugarWOD for 2 years as a free service for gyms of all sizes. Now that SugarWOD is a full-time business, we still want to help new and smaller boxes thrive. Larger boxes can use their first 10 athletes to try SugarWOD for free before subscribing. There is no time limit.
How do you count athletes?
You will be charged only for the athletes that are currently registered in SugarWOD, not the entire membership of your gym. SugarWOD will automatically adjust your subscription tier as athletes join or leave your gym.
I'm not a member of a box, can I use SugarWOD?
Yes! Download the app and create an account. Instead of joining a box, choose "Independent Athlete". You can still use all of SugarWOD's tools to log your workouts and share with your friends.
I have multiple locations, can I use SugarWOD?
Yes, of course! Many multi-location boxes use SugarWOD. Most choose to create a single "virtual box" to help strengthen their community. Please email us and we will answer your questions and get you set up.
I have a military or non-profit affiliate, can I use SugarWOD?
Yes, of course! SugarWOD is free for all military or non-profit affiliates. Please email us and we will get you set up.
What if I want to stop using SugarWOD?
We will be very sad :( but you can cancel anytime with an email to us. There are no contracts. Your athletes can use our workout export feature to take their data with them.

SugarWOD brings out the best in our athletes and the entire CrossFit community.

Amy Brackett, Co-Owner / CrossFit North Marin

Easy for Athletes to Get Started!

Your box and friends are probably here.

1. Download the Mobile App

You can download and install SugarWOD from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
It's free to use.

2. Join Your Box

We have 10,000+ gyms registered worldwide!
If you can't find your box, click here to get added. It's free to register.

3. Feel the Love

Check your box’s leaderboard. Share your endorphin high with comments and fist bumps.
Then tell your coach how much you love SugarWOD!

Coaches & Box Owners

No equipment or installation. Launch in minutes, results in hours.

1. Unlock the Coach's Tools

The Coach's Tools (mobile and web) help you program the whiteboard, communicate with your athletes and analyze workout results.
Join your box as an athlete, then tap on the coach's whistle (iPhone: ) or settings wrench (Android: )
We will verify you from your box's website listing or via email.
5 minutes

2. Invite Your Athletes

Post to your Facebook page or blog and add a SugarWOD download banner to your website. There is nothing else to do, your athletes sign up themselves.
We've seen 100s of boxes launch SugarWOD. We gathered the checklists, tools and best practices you need to start successfully.
30 minutes

3. Build a Stronger Box

Once your athletes start, SugarWOD's community re-inforces itself and encourages participation.
Your coaches can post the workouts, give a few fist bumps and lead by example. Very little admin time is needed.
15 minutes / week


Email us! We reply fast.
(Somewhere between our Fran and Murph times)