Replicate the best.

Consistently delivering high-quality training is a challenge. Your gym is growing, you’re ramping-up new coaches and you also have part-timers.

SugarWOD will enable your staff to scale with easy-to-follow processes, workout plans and communication tools. Keep them in sync with each other and in touch with your community.

Tools to Improve Your Coaching


SugarWOD makes programming simple with a library of 1000s of WODs, an easy drag-and-drop programming calendar, and the ability to access workout and class plans on your phone.

Athlete Performance

Monitor the progress and performance of your athletes and provide feedback inside and outside the gym through the mobile app.

Class Plans

Communicate among the coaching staff the warm-ups, workout intent, scaling options and class outline. Keep historical plans for re-use the next programming cycle.

Features Made With the WOD in Mind

Coaches Web Portal

Coaches can manage programming and athletes out of our simple web portal.

Your Whiteboard, Online

It’s easy for your athletes to see the workout and view the scoreboard with a customized whiteboard for your gym.


Display your whiteboard, preparation videos, and the scoreboard in your gym using our BoxTV tool.

Workout Publishing Timing

Flexible options for publishing your workouts to your athletes day-by-day at a time you specify, or release the entire schedule days in advance.

Athlete Tracking

Monitor athlete performance and participation so you and your coaches are better prepared to support your athletes.

Athlete Prep Tools

Your classes will run more efficiently when SugarWOD provides your athletes with movement preparation videos and details on their workout history in advance.

Community Building

With the ability for athletes and coaches to connect and encourage each other through fist bumps and comments your community will strengthen.

“SugarWOD brings out the best in our athletes and the entire community.”

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