The SugarWOD project was created to help connect the functional fitness world. Our goal is to serve the coaches, gym owners, software developers and partners of this community to push the movement forward.

Everyone plays their part

We all work together to build the future we envision.

Software Developers

Use SugarWOD’s API to access our open library of benchmarks, workouts, movements, and lifts.


Guidance to box owners and coaches on business best practices and community development.

Independent Athletes

Independent athletes can connect with other athletes all over the world to create their own virtual gym.

Platform Partners

Weโ€™re working to connect to the systems you use to support your gym like membership management and billing systems.

Class Program Publishers

We work with many of the top workout programmers in the world to make high-quality workout and class plans to gyms.

Consulting Partners

Weโ€™ve partnered with mentors, coaches, and consultants in the industry to help make a bigger impact on your business.

Our Box Community

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SugarWOD has definitely helped me with my gym. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your athletes help each other achieve their goals. When I travel overseas, I can stay connected with my members.

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