Marketplace December 19, 2023

Beyond Training: Mayhem Athlete’s Commitment to Cultivating Champions and Community 


In the world of CrossFit, certain names rise above the rest – like Rich Froning and Mayhem Athlete. Froning, a four-time CrossFit Games champion and six-time Affiliate Cup champion founded the brand in 2012. Their journey began with people flocking to workout with Froning, laying the foundation for the thriving training camp they are today. Working out together has remained a cornerstone of Mayhem Athlete’s identity, fostering a tight-knit camaraderie among athletes and coaches alike. 

The history of Mayhem Athlete is defined by resilience. Following a defeat in the 2010 CrossFit Games, Rich Froning rallied, seizing four consecutive CrossFit Games titles. Following his string of victories, Froning set out to establish a CrossFit gym in Cookeville, Tennessee that has blossomed into a vibrant community, welcoming athletes from all walks of life over the last 13 years. Over the years, Mayhem Athlete has seen a constant stream of aspiring competitors, molding champions and nurturing a unique sense of belonging within its ranks. 

Rich Froning demonstrating intense workout at his CrossFit gym, showcasing dedication and athleticism.

A driving force behind the brand’s prominence is their dedication to empowering athletes and cultivating a sense of belonging. Their robust platform has catapulted numerous athletes to remarkable success, earning them a reputation as one of the most effective training camps in the industry.  

“We take pride in striking the perfect balance between volume and intensity,” said Jake Lockert, Director of Online Programming for Mayhem Athlete. “With both Rich and I having years of experience in programming, we’re able to craft workouts that are not only engaging and effective but also bring people together.” 

Mayhem Athlete’s effectiveness as a training program is showcased in their athletes’ success stories. One of the most compelling stories is that of Baylee Rayl, who went from not making it to regional semifinals to finishing 17th in the CrossFit Games in just one year—an inspiring testament to the program’s effectiveness. 

The success of Mayhem Athlete goes beyond just winning competitions. The brand’s primary goal is to cultivate a community-based fitness movement accessible to all. This commitment extends not only to seasoned athletes but also to inspiring newcomers to embrace a healthier lifestyle through fitness. It’s this commitment to community driven fitness and a genuine desire to help people that sets them apart from the rest. 

The business has experienced remarkable growth, propelled by their exceptional team and continuous improvement. Their goal is to keep pouring into the everyday athlete, offering at-home workouts and focusing on their affiliate community. While they aim to expand and innovate, they remain grounded in their core values and strengths. 

Jake Lockert, Director of Online Programming for Mayhem Athlete, wearing a hoodie and attentively observing a CrossFit event.

To amplify the effectiveness of their training programs and cultivate a stronger sense of community, Mayhem Athlete made a strategic choice to collaborate with SugarWOD. According to Lockert, the app’s intuitive interface and engaging features, such as leaderboards and social interactions, have provided the perfect platform for building a thriving community-based fitness environment. The increase in subscribers to Mayhem Athlete has been boosted by their collaboration with SugarWOD, enhancing their offerings and content quality. Emphasizing their longstanding alignment with SugarWOD, Lockert credits the app for playing a pivotal role in their remarkable growth as a platform and bringing athletes together.   

Mayhem’s participation in the CrossFit Games has been instrumental in refining their training strategies. Their experience and knowledge of the Games helps them prepare better each year, keeping them at the forefront of the competition. However, the brand’s impact extends beyond the confines of the CrossFit arena. Embodying their core values of family, faith, fitness, and service, they’ve built a community that uplifts and supports one another. By helping athletes discover their purpose and instilling mental resilience through programs like Mayhem Mindset, they are shaping not just strong athletes but also strong individuals, ready to conquer life’s challenges. 

“We aim to inspire and equip athletes and coaches, giving them something bigger than themselves to be a part of, and providing tangible ways to be involved in our community every day,” Lockert emphasized. “It’s about building stronger bonds within the CrossFit community and making a positive impact on the world.” 

As Mayhem Athlete continues its journey to be the best in the space and uphold their commitment to excellence and community, one thing is certain—their spirit and dedication to their core values will continue to leave an impact on the CrossFit world. Mayhem Athlete isn’t just a training program—it’s a family, a way of life, and a legacy in the making. 

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