Marketplace February 16, 2023

5 New SugarWOD Partners Coming to the SugarSHOP


A brand-new group of partners has just joined SugarWOD! This latest batch of partners — now listed in the SugarSHOP — will provide you and your coaches with tools and programs for:

  • Planning and executing habit-based health and nutrition challenges
  • Running weightlifting programs
  • Guiding coaches through member success and retention

What Partners Are New in the SugarSHOP?

Our latest partners were thoughtfully selected to help you add new revenue streams, retain members, and attract new ones, all while improving client health and success.

These supplemental programs and products will help you streamline the day-to-day operations of your gym and free up valuable time so you can focus on what truly matters — your members and passion for fitness.

The newest partners in the SugarSHOP include:

  • Electrum Performance: The official strength and conditioning program of the world’s best Brazilian jiu jitsu athletes, which focuses on strength, core conditioning, and glutes.
  • Dark Horse Endurance: A comprehensive endurance program that helps you improve member retention, generate new revenue, and attract new members, all under your gym’s banner.
  • Training Think Tank: Offers 2 programming paths, daily class plans, and access to a video library that will help your gym save time, improve coaching education, and increase member success and retention.

What Else Can I Find in the SugarSHOP?

The SugarSHOP is an online marketplace created with gym owners in mind. It’s a comprehensive store that gives you access to top-notch programming written by world-class coaches and programmers in the boutique fitness industry. It also contains a wide range of supplements and exercise equipment.

The marketplace is especially convenient for SugarWOD customers because it fully integrates with the SugarWOD app. You and your coaches can easily subscribe to programming that will be automatically delivered to your calendars each week, ready to be customized as needed.

Many of the programming options are even available for a free trial so you can test them out before committing to a subscription.

Start Shopping From SugarWOD Partners

With the SugarSHOP, you’ll get everything you need to grow your business, save time, and provide high-quality services to your members.

Spend less time creating spreadsheets and writing workouts and more time focused on running your business. Our customers say SugarWOD partners save them 5 or more hours per week!

Check out the full range of programs and products available from our 80+ partners by clicking the button below.