Marketplace August 31, 2022

Are You Training or Working Out?


Guest blog by Adrian Conway of TTRU Fitness 

Our bodies were designed to move, sweat, breathe (hard), and be challenged through physical activity. Working out is part of being a human being, developing our muscles, and challenging our minds. 

And as we’ve often heard,If you don’t use it, you lose it!” 

Most of you reading this article understand the importance of physical activity. You do some sort of exercise or physical activity and may even perform functional movements at high intensities.

But are you working out, or are you training? 

Let me back up a touch to explain the difference and why it’s imperative to understand which path you are on. 

The difference between working out and training

Working out is simple…

A workout is anything that gets your heart rate up, works your muscles, and puts you at the desired level of fatigue or duress.  

You can get a workout: 

  • Outdoors or in a gym 
  • Using equipment or bodyweight 
  • In a short or long amount of time 

Whether you’re inside a fancy gym using top-end equipment for an hour or in your cluttered living room for 5 minutes, both activities are classified as “workouts.” 

…While training is specific.

Training is very different from working out because it prepares you mentally and physically to reach desired results.   

For example, let’s say you want to gain muscle or lose 20 pounds of fat. You shouldn’t aimlessly work out – you should be training.  

To reach your goal, you’ll need to follow a tailored program with specific workouts, intensity levels, reps and sets, and rest days. Often, these parameters are set by a coach and designed specifically for the results you seek.   

Unlike working out, training has a specific purpose supported through your actions and priorities.

Should you work out or train at the gym? 

Most people aimlessly work out

They have great intentions when they show up, but they lack direction and purpose. They don’t have a program to help them reach their goals, and rather than have a productive session, they waste a lot of time.  

People want results yet are unwilling to invest in their fitness by paying for proper coaching or programming. They struggle with accountability and routine, but both are necessary to bring forth the results they seek.  

…When training would get them better results.  

People should train with a specific intention most of the time.  

It’s okay to wander and do what feels good or take a break from training, but to achieve long-term results that last, you must train.  

Stop working out and start training with TTRU Fitness

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Members stay fresh and rejuvenated, cycling through periods of progress and deloading. We take the guesswork out of workout programs through instructional videos and progressions for each movement.  

Our team of coaches guide you through every training cycle we create, helping both the everyday exerciser and elite-level competitor have their most productive sessions to meet their goals.  

Do you want to: 

  • Add more lean body mass?  
  • Increase your bench press?  
  • Grow your glutes?  
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  • Perform at the highest level?  
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Well, the solution for you is right here: stop working out, and start training with TTRU Fitness.