Box Development April 8, 2022

Why You Should Outsource Programming at Your Gym


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As a community, we take great interest in speculating about what the top CrossFit athletes are doing in order to get and stay on top.

Between navigating through the excessive training regimens of the pros and the hundreds of quick tips and tricks of Instagram coaches, it can be difficult to know how much training is appropriate for a recreational athlete. This can be especially overwhelming for gym owners who are responsible for the training regimen of many athletes.

For them, the question is:

How can I get my clients in good physical shape while improving their athletic skills with maximum enjoyment?

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The Solution? Outsource Your Gym’s Programming

Many gym owners externally hire a coach or trainer to create a custom program for their facility’s group classes. Even though you have a lot of confidence in your own abilities or in that of your staff, it’s worth taking into consideration the advantages of outsourcing your gym’s training plan.

Here are some reasons why outsourcing your gym’s programming is a worthwhile investment.

Reason 1: Externalizing Your Training Plan Saves a Lot of Time

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Perhaps the most obvious and most significant benefit of having an external programmer is the time that it can free up for gym owners and coaches.

Varied Programming in Less Time

Producing a program week after week that incorporates equal development of modalities (metabolic conditioning, weightlifting, and gymnastics), different intensities, and alternating time frames is no easy task.

CrossFitters expect their training to be tough, but not impossible. They want their WODs to be varied, but with a familiar benchmark or retest every now and then.

While formulating a structured plan with all these considerations may take most people hours (not to mention years to perfect), a programmer is accustomed to working under such conditions.

Time Back for You and Your Coaches

Externalizing your programming gives you one less thing to worry about each week. An added bonus is that your coaches will be able to redirect their efforts elsewhere — for example, to fortifying the community atmosphere or to offering more individualized programming/personal training.\

Reason 2: You Get What You Pay For (Experience and Expertise)

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Another advantage of outsourcing your programming is having a knowledgeable expert in your corner.

Workouts With a Wide Appeal

Odds are that your programmer has worked with people of different fitness backgrounds, goals, and restrictions in the past. They’ve seen it all. They’ve done the trial and error and accumulated enough know-how to find what works best for the majority of your clientele.

This is a huge plus because when your classes are “open to all levels,” as in most facilities, there’s nothing more valuable than someone who can make classes appealing to the gym veterans but not too overwhelming for the novices.

Long-Term Results for Clients

On top of making classes appealing to both groups, the clients need to be able to see results. It takes more than a random set of exercises strung together for your clients to progress.

A well-constructed program achieves success in the long term. Reputable programmers create plans with training blocks and cycles so that your clients continuously improve with low risk for injury, wear, and burnout. This is essential for retaining members. 

Understanding of Logistics

Expertise also comes into play when it comes to logistics and making the most of the unique parameters of your facility. A reputable programmer should be able to produce effective training considering space or equipment limitations.

Hype Around Programmer Reputation

Hiring a programmer can also be a major selling point, especially they are highly regarded or if they manage the programming for well-known athletes at a higher level.

Reason 3: It’s a Learning Experience for Your Coaches

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In the long run, hiring a programmer can help you and your staff become better programmers and coaches.

Detailed Programs

Outsourcing your programming doesn’t mean that you get an Excel file sent to you each week. Programs are constructed so that the coach and the client are privy to the method behind the madness. This includes explanations of training block or cycle objectives, the desired stimuli for each workout, and possible scaling options.

Even if you’re capable of doing it all yourself, there’s always something to be learned by seeing how someone else does it.  

Programming That Targets Special Interests

External programming can also be used for an array of single modality or specialty classes. This is a great way to expand your gym’s schedule while also appealing to athletes with specific interests.

Want to provide a gymnastics or weightlifting class but not sure how to fill the hour? Have a group of athletes in your gym that want to start competing but don’t know where to start?

Get your programmer to take care of it.

The Takeaway: Consider Outsourced Programming for Your Gym

Having a programmer to direct the development of your clients’ fitness adds quality and durability to your gym’s service. Not only is outsourcing an effective way to save time, allowing you to further develop other aspects of your business, but it can also be an educational experience for your staff.

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By putting your trust in an experienced programmer, your clients are bound to see growth. So why do it yourself when you can pay someone else to do it better?

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