Marketplace February 23, 2022

Workout Programming for BJJ & Grappling Sports Athletes


Grapplers and Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners, your time has come!

We are now launching our first-ever jiu jitsu-focused partner program in the SugarWOD Marketplace: Team Soul Pressure. It was designed with Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling sports athletes in mind, so if that’s you, be sure to check it out!

While SugarWOD was originally founded to serve functional fitness gyms, we’ve been expanding our offerings ever since. Community building and workout programming are needed for all types of fitness businesses, including BJJ academies. And of course, many functional fitness enthusiasts like to incorporate a variety of exercises into their workout routines.

Continue reading to learn more about this exciting new workout program from our partner Team Soul. We look forward to expanding our partner programming options in the future!

Team Soul Pressure: A Strength and Conditioning Program for BJJ and Grappling Sports

Team Soul Pressure logo

Team Soul Pressure At a Glance

  • Strength and conditioning for Brazilian jiu jitsu and grappling sports athletes
  • Focus on strength, recovery, mobility, core strength, and conditioning
  • 90-minute sessions, with 3 main sessions per week
  • Easy-to-follow program meant to complement your BJJ training
  • Made by and for grapplers
  • Cost of $34.99 per month

Balanced Supplemental Programming for BJJ Athletes

Michael Rodriguez - Team Soul Pressure

Team Soul Pressure is a strength and conditioning program focused on developing, cultivating, and refining skills geared toward Brazilian jiu jitsu and other grappling sports. The focus of this program is to find a balanced approach to getting you stronger and more conditioned while still complementing your sport.

Unlike other strength and conditioning programs that gear toward punishing athletes with complex movements, grinding intensities, and grueling conditioning sessions, Team Soul Pressure will supplement your sport. The program places emphasis on building your strength base while ensuring proper recovery.

Team Soul Pressure was founded on the following idea:

Your program should revolve around sport-specific training rather than hard gym sessions, which can place you at a deficit in your BJJ sessions.

Most strength and conditioning programs on the market don’t consider maximizing your potential on the mats and are solely focused on loading athletes up with heavy weights and high intensities.

Team Soul’s program helps you develop a balance of strength, recovery, mobility, core strength, and conditioning by being well-thought-out and planned for the needs of the grappling practitioner.

More Than a Strength Training Program

Danny Espinosa - Team Soul Pressure

Because Team Soul has constant feedback from their own coaches who compete in grappling sports (as well as other high-level BJJ practitioners who they currently train and work with), they can confidently say that this program and the exercise selection found within it are consistent with the actual needs of a BJJ or grappling athlete.

Within the program, you will find a more varied approach to strength and conditioning. Getting stronger will definitely help your sport, but a well-balanced BJJ athlete needs more than just strength.

Because of this, Team Soul Pressure also focuses on getting you to be a more explosive and well-rounded athlete. You will find a focus on plyometrics and power production as well as strength and endurance through different planes of motion you typically don’t work out in the gym.

Beyond these things, there is also an emphasis on conditioning, mobility, and recovery. This is a well-designed, comprehensive program that will help you roll longer, harder, and smarter.

Team Soul Pressure Program Structure

The Team Soul Pressure program will feature a workout every day. These workouts will vary in their focus throughout the week. Team Soul recommends committing to 3 of the main strength sessions per week at the very least, but beyond that, you’re free to add as many of the optional mobility or conditioning days as you can.

These workouts can be done in almost any gym and are almost entirely adaptable to most functional fitness gyms and traditional club gyms.

Followers can jump into the program at any point, on any day, during any week.

There are progressions set out in the program. However, Team Soul Pressure does not take a full periodized approach. As a result, anyone can subscribe and start training on any day. You don’t have to wait until the beginning of a new cycle or week. 

The cost of Team Soul Pressure is $34.99 per month, and the program will be offered on the same platform Team Soul uses for all other remote programs: SugarWOD.