Box Development December 8, 2021

Beyond Basics: Exploring the Combined Strength of SugarWOD and Zen Planner


In 2019, SugarWOD and Zen Planner joined forces to create a seamless experience for athletes, coaches, and owners. Since then, this integration has evolved to empower gym owners with a comprehensive scheduling experience and greater control over class and program settings.

From back-end automation to frontline athlete engagement, the SugarWOD x Zen Planner integration empowers gym owners like you to deliver a seamless scheduling experience while giving you more control over class and program settings.

How Our Integration Fosters Community

To run a best-in-class gym, you must consider the entire community’s experience.

Mapping your athlete journey is crucial. And along with that, your team’s experience and your experience as an owner greatly impact the overall health of your business.

The SugarWOD x Zen Planner integration allows you to elevate your gym experience at every touchpoint and for every community member. Let’s take a closer look at how you can deliver the best end-to-end gym experience.

1. The Athlete Experience

Social Interaction + Community Engagement

The SugarWOD x Zen Planner integration is focused on community and creating memorable gym experiences.

The athlete experience at gyms is centered on fun, engaging workouts.

The integration focuses on community and creating memorable gym experiences. SugarWOD’s engagement tools, such as fist bumps and comments, turn each workout into a community engagement opportunity. For the new athlete, this encouragement may be just what they need to keep coming back. And for the athlete considering leaving, this engagement may be just what they need to recommit. This social interaction is key to retaining existing athletes and re-engaging those considering leaving.

Workout Tracking + Class Scheduling

SugarWOD x Zen Planner integration in the mobile app

In addition to the unmatched engagement tools, SugarWOD also brings incredible ease of use to the athlete experience. Your athletes can track personal workouts and follow your gym’s programming right from their mobile device.

In 2021, we also added class scheduling to the integration. Athletes can now do all of the following things directly in the SugarWOD app once you set class parameters in Zen Planner and sync your member data:

  • Reserve classes
  • Join waitlists
  • Cancel reservations
  • Check in

The SugarWOD schedule is very easy to navigate, and booking a class will only take your athletes one or two clicks. Watch the video below to see how it’s done!

2. The Coach Experience

Gyms often place their focus on serving athletes, and for good reason. However, to maximize your athlete experience, you must also focus on your coaches’ experience.

If your coaches aren’t equipped with the best tools or are unsatisfied with their personal experience, they aren’t going to deliver a premium athlete experience.

Coaches' notes in the SugarWOD app

With the SugarWOD x Zen Planner integration, you and your coaches have access to the most user-friendly workout programming system available. Permissions for coaches are easily managed in SugarWOD, and your team can customize the workout presentation experience with announcements, photos, and videos.

You and your coaches can also save valuable time and provide a variety of workout experiences by purchasing group programming from world-class athletes and coaches in the SugarWOD Marketplace. Upload this programming to your gym’s calendar with ease so you and your coaches can spend more time on the floor connecting with athletes.

SugarWOD Marketplace on desktop and mobile phone

3. The Owner Experience

As a gym owner, what are your desired outcomes from management software, programming software, and a workout tracking app?

Whether you want to spend more time coaching or more time scaling your business, SugarWOD x Zen Planner will enable your efforts.

In addition to the usability benefits for coaches, the SugarWOD x Zen Planner integration elevates the owner experience by providing a deeper level of engagement assurance.

With SugarWOD, gym owners and coaches have the ability to monitor coach interactions with athletes. This Coach Leadership page provides a unique opportunity to ensure this type of community engagement.

The owner experience is unbelievably important to Zen Planner as well. Our gym management software is built to help you grow and scale the fitness business of your dreams. Your experience with Zen Planner will begin with guidance from our team so you know how to transfer your data and utilize every feature of the software.

Ready To Make the Switch?

SugarWOD and Zen Planner have streamlined the transfer process if you are switching management software or workout tracking platforms. We have your business covered at every athlete and coach touchpoint.

Retain your athletes with community engagement, fun workout tracking, and proactive athlete communications. Delight and develop your coaching staff with dynamic scheduling, automated staff reminders, and payroll management.

From powerful automations to community-based workout tracking, the SugarWOD x Zen Planner integration can positively fuel every experience at your gym. For us, creating the best end-to-end gym experience is personal; we are athletes, coaches, and gym owners ourselves.

Schedule a demo today to see how SugarWOD x Zen Planner can help you create more memorable experiences at your gym.

(If you’re a SugarWOD customer who hasn’t yet signed up for Zen Planner, you may be eligible for a special discount. Ask us more during your demo!)