Box Development November 29, 2021

SugarWOD Joins the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network


SugarWOD is proud to join CrossFit’s newly launched initiative for CrossFit affiliates: the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network. The CrossFit APN is a consolidated hub of some of the CrossFit community’s most trusted brands, providing exclusive offers, discounts, and revenue generation programs available only to CrossFit affiliate owners.

Check out the CrossFit APN today to see if you’re eligible for a SugarWOD discount.

Why Did SugarWOD Join the APN?

As many of you know, our company was born of a love for CrossFit. Our original owner, Drew Larsen, thought up the idea when he and his wife had an awesome experience at their local CrossFit affiliate.

Fast forward 9 years, and 4,700+ global CrossFit affiliates and over one million athletes continue to make SugarWOD strong. But we can always do more to welcome CrossFit affiliate owners into the community.

Earlier this year, we started offering a SugarWOD integration with CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP). We’re talking can’t-miss workouts from the best-of-the-best: Austin Malleolo, James Hobart, and Spencer Hendel.

The CrossFit APN was the next logical step for us, and we are proud to continue serving CrossFit affiliate owners and the CrossFit community to even greater lengths!

Get Your Affiliate-Only Discount

It’s tough to build a gym from the ground up, and even tougher to choose where your money goes each month. We hope that our exclusive CrossFit affiliate owner deals can help offset some of your business expenses and costs.

(Psst … our sister solution, Zen Planner, is also in the CrossFit APN, which means you could potentially get double discounts on both. That will come in handy if you’re interested in our SugarWOD x Zen Planner scheduling integration.)

Ready to check out the CrossFit affiliate-only discounts? Log in to the CrossFit APN and click the SugarWOD tile to view our deals.