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Chocolate Box Training: A SugarWOD Community Profile


Chocolate Box Training is different.  

Sure, they have world-class programming, a unique variety of classes, and options for every fitness level. What really makes Chocolate Box Training different though, is their passion for adventure. Adventure is a word we don’t use enough. The word itself is refreshing, but their actions behind the word are truly inspiring. Let’s look at Sydney, Australia’s leader in fitness and adventure Chocolate Box Training in this SugarWOD community profile.  

Training for Adventure  

At Chocolate Box Training, members can train for events and challenges together. These training journeys are far from ordinary, including feats like the Mount Everest Basecamp Marathon and hiking the Kokoda Trek.  

Check out this video where Chocolate Box Training members are put to the test, both physically and mentally, as they hike the Kokoda Trek (100km) from Owers Corner to Kokoda over eight days in Papua New Guinea. The track is the most famous in Papua New Guinea and is well-known as the location of the World War II battle between Japanese and Australian forces in 1942.  

Something for Everyone  

Since their humble beginnings in 2010, Chocolate Box Training has gone from “park to palace” in their own words. They’ve achieved this massive community growth by not only offering world-class programming, but by also offering options for a diverse range of fitness levels and interests. At the gym, you will find a seemingly endless list of class options. Their services include strength and conditioning, group classes, advanced program, running and road cycling, wellness (think: yoga, Pilates, Barre), individual weight training, and even childcare. Even more, they will be launching a new recovery space soon with Yeti ice baths and an infrared sauna.  

Online, their options are just as plentiful and even include a training program for beginners.  

More Than a Gym  

With SugarWOD, we were able to keep the community aspect of our gym [during COVID-19 shutdowns] even though the gym was closed. – Maxi Jolley, Manager and Trainer 

Based in Australia, Chocolate Box Training is a SugarWOD customer who joined our community amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Maxi Jolley highlighted their urgency in a recent conversation; “We essentially had 48 hours to get our gym online, and SugarWOD was exactly what we needed.”  

From Everest and Kokoda to beginner and advanced programs, Chocolate Box Training is a community creating loads of impact. And one thing is very clear, Chocolate Box Training is different.  

Learn more about Chocolate Box Training’s “palace” of a facility and their online programs at  

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