Box Development January 2, 2020

Outsmarting the Aging Process: How Your Lifting Days Empower Your Metcons


Ever thought about what happens when you don’t give it your all on those lifting days and sets?

Sure, we all have our best intentions, but as we’ve discussed earlier, we find that while many athletes will push themselves to no limit in a metcon, many will take the “mail it in, that’s good enough” approach on lifting days.

What are the effects of doing this? 

In the example used in the video below the athlete decides “this is good enough” and stops at 185 on a 1RM deadlift, even though they knew they could have done 200.

Because so many CrossFit gyms use a percentage of 1 rep max to help establish weights for metcon workouts, this has a dramatic affect on the quality of the athlete’s training for months to come. 

How much of an affect? It amounts to thousands of pounds not moved in metcon workouts over the course of a year.

See the full video below or scroll to 8:20 to see how your lifting days have an impact on your metcons and ultimately the quality of your training!

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