Box Development January 28, 2020

Outsmarting the Aging Process: Change the Conversation


We might just have to change the conversation on aging.

It’s not uncommon for me to hear athletes state how, “It’s just not fair, it was so much easier when I was younger.”

And yes, they’re right. Fitness goals and body composition do come easier when we’re younger. We heard EC Synkowski lay this out in the first portion of the talk on aging. If you haven’t yet heard her talk, we highly recommend you start there!

While fitness efforts and goals may come easier when we’re younger, it does not mean they are unattainable as we age. It just means we have to put forth more effort.

What’s Really Going On?

What I think is really going on is a flip flop of what we had to work hard for in our 20s and 30s compared to what we have to work for in our 40s and 50s.

When individuals are in their 20s and 30s, they have to work hard for their careers, their social life, their love life, parenting, and finding their way in the world. Fitness generally comes a little easier because you can get away with more.

Somewhere around when folks turn 40 (give or take) the life factors start to settle down. Maybe they’ve had a few kids or maybe their career is on a good path and the total effort needed to do well in these areas subsides. Even if there are bumps in the road they have wisdom to fall back on.

On the flip side, fitness becomes more challenging. You can view EC’s talk to understand why and how but the fact of the matter is you’re just going to have to work harder to maintain the same level of fitness. We might all need to reread that previous sentence.

The point is – that’s OK. Armed with the right information you can still get to where you want – you just might have to change your perspective on how you get there and the effort that is needed.

Does this concept resonate with you? Your members? Post to comments.