Box Development February 15, 2018

Your Weekly Checklist for The Open


We’re just a week away from the start of The Open. To close out our series, we leave you with a weekly checklist to take you through the next five weeks! The list is based on the information in The Open blog series. You can find a link to each article in the series at the bottom of this post.

  1. Post your weekly guide to The Open on your blog or in an email (here’s an example)
  2. Include information such as what time your Friday Night Lights will occur, who is the designated warm-up coach, and list any sponsors that are coming to the event.
  1. Convey the same information from your weekly guide on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram
  2. Confirm with food vendors on their arrival time to your event
  3. Confirm with sponsors that the product or raffle items will show up by Friday
  4. Complete score validation (for all weeks after Week 1 of The Open)
  1. Send email to judges confirming their attendance for Friday and thank them for volunteering
  2. Send an email to your coaching staff who is working the event. List out the times they need to arrive and the specific duties of each staff member
  1. Watch the LIVE announcement
  2. Determine the length of time needed for each heat at Friday Night Lights. Don’t forget to include reset time from one heat to the next!
  3. Think through the logistics of running the workout in group classes, and at Friday Night Lights
  4. Post heat sign-up sheets via online client management system (such as MBO) or print and post paper sign-ups for following day
  5. Confirm your workout layout and do any measuring or taping that needs to occur
  6. Print out score sheets
  7. Print out 2-3 copies for athlete and coach reference of the movement and workout rules and regulations
  1. Set our score collection box for first classes
  2. Begin setting up Friday Night Lights 1-2 hours before start of event
  3. Tape out or define athlete warm-up space
  4. Layout equipment, to include ergs or boxes
  5. Set out judges table including pens, scoresheet, and clipboards
  6. Set out sponsor tables if needed
  7. Post heat sheets for reference for athletes and coaches
Sunday or Monday
  1. Run make-up class

Repeat five times!
Are you ready for The Open? What did we leave off this list? Post to comments.
And here are the links to The Open blog post series.