Box Development June 6, 2017

Nicole Christensen Joins SugarWOD to Support CrossFit Affiliates


Since 2012, we at SugarWOD have been on a mission to unite CrossFit athletes, coaches and box owners on a community-based workout platform.

Learning from some of the best boxes.

Yes, on one level, we’re just building workout software. We chose this path because we know that a well-run CrossFit affiliate will change the lives of its athletes.
We’ve been really fortunate in our CrossFit journey to have called two world-class affiliates “home”. You can read our full story here. We’ve learned so much from being members of CrossFit Ethos and CrossFit Roots. We’ve seen first-hand the difference that excellent coaching makes in the progress and confidence of the athletes. We’ve felt what it’s like when a community of like-minded people support one another.
As we got to know and become friends with affiliate owners Nick, Madeline and Jimi (Ethos) and Nicole and Eric (Roots), we’ve seen that it is the same belief in CrossFit that motivates them and drives them to put in extraordinary effort into their boxes. At the beginning of our project, these boxes formed our thoughts on what a great “workout experience” would look like.
A few years down the path, we’ve now had conversations and guidance from hundreds more great affiliates.

Enter Nicole!

Making sense of all the (sometimes conflicting) input, providing relevant guidance to box owners, and staying in touch with the community’s best practices is an important, but daunting task, for us.
That’s why I’m incredibly excited to announce that Nicole Christensen, co-owner of CrossFit Roots, has joined SugarWOD as our first “Affiliate Advocate”.
Nicole’s experience and accomplishments are impressive: she is a Certified CrossFit Coach (CF-L4), has taught hundreds of seminars for CrossFit HQ, is the owner of a successful affiliate that opened in 2008, and is a former Regional competitor. She has blogged, Instagram’ed, and Facebook’ed extensively on CrossFit topics. She still teaches group classes at Roots every week and is raising two wonderful little girls with her husband (and Roots co-owner) Eric.

What exactly does an “Affiliate Advocate” do?

Well, we’re not totally sure, we’ve never heard of this job before either! But as we continue to work towards creating a worldwide workout platform for CrossFit boxes, we know we must stay in touch with the evolving challenges of the box owner.
At SugarWOD, Nicole will act as a voice of the box owner community and a champion of their needs. Over the coming months, Nicole will be:

  • Blogging and sharing her experience running a successful affiliate. She has years of in-the-trenches knowledge that we think affiliate owners and coaches will find very valuable.
  • Offering tools and practical tactics to use at your gym. We’re calling this new series “Box Development” and you can read the first installment on running a successful benchmark workout series here!
  • Working with our product team to define and prioritize features that matter to your box.

…and lots more that we’re excited about (but can’t quite share yet!)
Please join me in welcoming Nicole, we’re happy to have her on board!