Launch June 10, 2024

Train For the Pursuit: Rich Froning’s Mayhem Hunt Launches in SugarWOD


SugarWOD is excited to announce that Mayhem Hunt—a fitness program designed specifically for hunters—is now in the SugarWOD Marketplace. This innovative venture merges the world-class programming of Rich Froning with SugarWOD’s engaging community platform, creating an unparalleled fitness experience for those passionate about the pursuit. 

The Story of Mayhem Hunt 

Froning, a ten-time CrossFit champion and an icon in the fitness community, founded Mayhem Hunt in 2023. What started as a passion project quickly evolved into a business venture in 2024, driven by Froning’s unique vision. 

“Hunting, especially western hunting, has always been a great test of our fitness,” Froning shares. “It’s a grind to be out there, and the pack-out is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. It’s the best function for our functional fitness training.” 

The inspiration behind Mayhem Hunt stems from Froning’s personal experiences and the profound connections formed during hunting trips. 

“The brotherhood formed on these trips and the memories we share last a lifetime,” he explains. “We wanted to bring that same level of dedication and camaraderie to the fitness community through Mayhem Hunt.” 

Mayhem Hunt is built on the same foundational values that have guided Froning’s journey: Faith, Family, Fitness, and Service. Its mission is to help hunters prepare physically and mentally for the challenges of the wild while fostering a strong, supportive community. 

Programming Built for the Pursuit 

Mayhem Hunt’s programming stands out in the crowded fitness market due to its targeted and practical approach. 

“Our expertise in the fitness industry sets us apart,” Froning asserts. “I personally program specific training movements that translate directly to the woods. We target muscle groups that need to be built up for hunting, like calves, and include longer grind workouts. It’s not just lifting weights; it’s about building the endurance and strength needed for real-life hunting scenarios.” 

Mayhem Hunt is designed with hunters in mind, tackling unique challenges through customized workouts. These longer workouts, such as 45-minute AMRAPs, focus less on traditional lifting and more on practical movements. Users will do a lot of sandbag work, including carrying, squatting, and stepping. Froning says these workouts mimic the physical demands of hunting, like carrying heavy packs and trekking through rugged terrain. 

Building on Success: The Partnership Between Mayhem Hunt and SugarWOD 

This isn’t Froning and SugarWOD’s first rodeo together. Their long-standing relationship, particularly through Mayhem Athlete, laid a strong foundation for this new venture.  

“We partnered with SugarWOD because of our strong relationship with Mayhem Athlete,” Froning says. “We wanted Mayhem Hunt to be an extension of what we’ve already built, not something entirely new.” 

This collaboration significantly enhances the user experience by leveraging SugarWOD’s robust tracking and community engagement features. Users can track their progress, share achievements, and connect with others who share their passion for hunting and fitness. This seamless integration ensures that Mayhem Hunt not only provides elite training content but also supports users on their journey with a strong, engaging community. 

Preparing for the Pursuit with Mayhem Hunt 

Drawing from his extensive hunting experiences, Froning offers a piece of advice for those preparing for their first hunt.  

“If you’ve never been out western hunting, you can’t overtrain for it. It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. My advice is to train harder than you think you need to. The preparation will pay off when you’re out there in the wild.” 

And for those hunters new to fitness, Mayhem Hunt offers a welcoming entry point. The program has versions of every workout, including beginner levels that require minimal equipment. It’s designed to help users start where they are and gradually build up their strength and endurance. Mayhem Hunt makes it easy for anyone, regardless of their fitness level, to get started and make progress, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the tailored workouts and community support. 

As he reflects on the future of Mayhem Hunt, Froning is filled with excitement and anticipation.  

“I’m most excited about helping people achieve their fitness goals and increasing their chances of bagging a trophy of a lifetime,” he says. “The sense of accomplishment and the memories made are invaluable, and we’re thrilled to be part of that journey with our community.” 

Mayhem Hunt is now available in the SugarWOD Marketplace. This innovative program is your ultimate companion for conquering the great outdoors. Train like a champion and experience the thrill of the hunt like never before!