December 29, 2023

SugarWOD Teams Up with Jason Khalipa to Launch TRAIN HARD App 


Introducing the TRAIN HARD App, a groundbreaking fitness app where every rep and drop of sweat propels you toward becoming the reliable protector and supporter your family and community needs. 


The TRAIN HARD App stands as the official training platform of CrossFit Games champion and BJJ Brown Belt, Jason Khalipa, and is powered by SugarWOD. Going beyond conventional workout routines, TRAIN HARD focuses on building individuals who excel in all facets of life, guided by the powerful philosophy of NEVER GET TO ZERO

Designed to meet your needs throughout life’s various seasons, TRAIN HARD offers a unique approach.  

What Sets TRAIN HARD Apart? 

Three Tailored Training Programs: Opt for FORCE, FLEX, or EMOM to align with your goals. 

  • Community-Driven: Join a global network of individuals dedicated to becoming a formidable force. 
  • Comprehensive Approach: TRAIN HARD programs extend beyond physical training, emphasizing character and capability development. 
  • Real-World Application: The principles of TRAIN HARD extend beyond the gym, assisting you in becoming a more adept protector and provider for your family and community. 
Three Tailored Training Programs: Opt for FORCE, FLEX, or EMOM to align with your goals. 

Diverse Training Programs 

  1. FORCE // ACT THE PART: Engage in a demanding strength and conditioning program that equips you to confront challenges with confidence. Anticipate 60 minutes of comprehensive training, including weekly TRAIN HARD Hero workouts. 
  1. FLEX // LOOK THE PART: A distinctive fusion of functional strength and bodybuilding designed to sculpt a physique that’s not only impressive but also functional. Tailored for those seeking both strength and aesthetics, FLEX is the path to a powerful and impressive appearance. 
  1. EMOM // NEVER ZERO: For your busiest days, EMOM workouts ensure continuous progress. Efficient, potent, and adaptable, these workouts maintain your momentum, regardless of your schedule. 

All three programs include five training days and two rest days each week, giving you the flexibility to focus on a single program or diversify for variety.  

Your Choice, Your Journey

TRAIN HARD is more than physical training; it’s about embracing the ethos of an unwavering protector and provider.  

Get started on your fitness journey with the TRAIN HARD App today and redefine your approach to fitness, discipline, and life. It’s time to TRAIN HARD.