Launch October 11, 2023

Legends Programming: Made for Masters Athletes


SugarWOD is thrilled to introduce Legends programming to the SugarWOD Marketplace, a specialized fitness program designed exclusively for masters athletes aged 35 and above. Whether you’re a dedicated competitor or simply aiming to maintain your health and fitness, Legends programming has got you covered. 

Legends programming strives to provide you with a deeper understanding of your body, ultimately enabling more effective training.

What Makes Legends Programming Different 

Legends programming is all about catering to the masters community. We understand the importance of offering a tool that enables athletes to train smarter, focusing on the elements that matter most to them. 

For those who love competition, Legends programming is geared towards helping you excel in major annual events, such as the Legends Qualifier and Championship. The team is committed to providing valuable feedback and guidance to help you fine-tune your training, emphasizing lifting, gymnastics, endurance, and more to match your specific goals. 

If competition isn’t your thing, the alternative track ensures you receive the same level of attention. It prioritizes your long-term well-being, overall health, and consistent training. This approach not only enhances your quality time with family but also reduces stress.  

Each track in Legends programming offers specific benefits: Legends COMPETITOR is for competitive masters athletes, while Legends HEALTH is for those focused on overall health and long-term training.

Program Goals 

The primary aim for Legends programming is to empower you with a deeper understanding of your body, enabling you to train more effectively. This, in turn, helps prevent overtraining and reduces the risk of injury, benefiting both competitive athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts. 

Tangible goals include: 

  • Increasing strength, endurance, and positioning 
  • Enhancing technique and performance in gymnastics and Olympic lifting 
  • Maintaining or increasing muscle mass for long-term health 
  • Discovering your optimal pace and learning how to perform more efficiently 
  • Identifying areas that require additional focus to reach your competitive or performance goals 

What to Expect from Each Track: 

  1. Legends COMPETITOR: This track is tailored for masters athletes aiming to compete and win. Each day’s training session will take approximately 75-120 minutes (about 2 hours). 
  1. Legends HEALTH: Designed for masters athletes looking to improve overall health and sustain their training for years to come. Each day’s training session will take around 60-120 minutes. 

Both tracks include: 

  • Weekly training programs released every Friday 
  • 4+ daily elements/sections 
  • 5 training days per week, along with 1 active recovery day and 1 rest day 
  • Cycle durations ranging from 4-9 weeks, depending on the time of year and your goals 
  • Comprehensive daily video breakdowns, detailing the intent, goals, perceived exertion levels, scaling/replacement movement options, and more 
Whether you’re a dedicated competitor or simply aiming to maintain your health and fitness, Legends programming has got you covered. 

Ready to become a LEGEND? Explore Legends programming options available in the SugarWOD Marketplace. Join us in the pursuit of fitness excellence tailored to your unique needs.