Product News July 6, 2021

CrossFit Launches Affiliate Programming and Coach Development Service


Designed by top CrossFit Seminar Staff, CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP) will improve daily experience for owners, coaches, and members

Boulder, CO — Last week, CrossFit Home Office announced the launch of CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP), which will provide programming, class planning, and coach development to affiliates via written materials, graphics, and more than 60 videos per month. 

Developed by the legendary trio of Austin Malleolo, James Hobart, and Spencer Hendel – who have trained more than 20,000 CrossFit coaches, appeared in 24 CrossFit Games, and led five gyms – CAP will be offered free of charge to CrossFit affiliates through December 31, 2021. Interested gyms can sign up for the CAP waitlist for access at

“The coached workout is the most important and differentiated aspect of CrossFit,” said Eric Roza, CEO of CrossFit.

“Affiliate owners who choose CAP will save nearly 20 hours each month while improving the daily experience for their members and coaches alike. By implementing CAP, affiliates will also expand their gym community, as members offer support, celebration, and commiseration on the same daily workouts to their fellow CrossFit athletes across the country and around the world.”

Eric Roza, CrossFit CEO

Consistent with CrossFit’s “tools over rules” credo, the CAP service is an optional service for all affiliates, and they are welcome to continue to do their own programming or purchase programming from other sources.

“Daily coach development is what will set CAP apart,” said Nicole Carroll, CrossFit’s General Manager of Training and Education. “CAP’s daily video instruction by leading Seminar Staffers will focus on education for coaches, who in turn will improve the experience and outcomes for their members.”   

CrossFit Affiliate Programming’s key features include:

  • Exclusive daily class plans and coaching videos from CrossFit’s Seminar Staff,
  • Related daily At Home/Travel workouts available solely to affiliate members,
  • Integration with SugarWOD
  • Dedicated support from CrossFit team members via email and phone,  
  • Monthly focus areas and options to help members target their weaknesses, and
  • Updates and enhancements based on affiliate feedback to support CAP‘s continuous improvement.

“By increasing coaching ability, you increase member satisfaction,” said Austin Malleolo, one of CAP’s developers. “Because CAP is only available to CrossFit affiliates, it will help drive a continuous improvement in coaching quality across CrossFit gyms and serve as a significant differentiator for potential members in contrast to non-CrossFit facilities.”

To accelerate the launch of CAP, CrossFit has acquired and integrated the assets of HAM Plan, which was founded by Malleolo, Hobart, Hendel, and MIT wunderkind/L3 trainer Travis Herbanek. 

Interested affiliates can sign up for the CAP pilot at The service will begin rolling out to affiliates in good standing worldwide beginning July 6th, and it will expand to languages beyond English beginning in the fourth quarter. Pricing for the service in 2022 will be announced during the trial period, but it is expected to be $150 per month.

Through this partnership, affiliates that sign up for CAP can utilize SugarWOD by easily downloading the weekly programming into their calendar and publishing to their members where they can log their workouts. To access CAP, the first step is to sign up for the waitlist on Affiliates will be invited to CAP beginning July 6, and more will be invited each week via email notification.

You can create a gym account with SugarWOD here. To learn more about delivering CAP to your members, check out CrossFit’s Affiliate Help Center.

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