Product News April 10, 2020

How we can help: Pricing Upgrade Freezes, Free At-Home Programs, and Virtual Community Resources.


We are continually blown away each week learning more about how gym owners, coaches, industry leaders, are coming together and finding ways to help each other get through this difficult time.

During this trying and hard time, we want you to know that we stand behind you and your business. Our goal is to allow you to expand SugarWOD to all of your members and to keep up the engagement of the community that you have worked so hard to build. We want to help you do this through a few initiatives outlined below. We are in this together. 

SugarWOD Customer Relief Initiatives

  • Pricing Tier upgrade freeze
  • Additional tracks for Gym Accounts
  • Marketplace partners free programming 
  • Tools on how to run an at-home program and virtual community 

Pricing Tier Upgrade Freeze

All SugarWOD tier upgrades will be paused until **May 1st** for all paying customers as of 03/21/2020. After May 1st, the system will then process upgrades as normal. As May 1st approaches we will re-evaluate this offering, and before billing happens for any additional members, you will have the ability to remove any members from your Gym Account. 

For instructions on how to remove athletes from your gym, visit our help Article on here

Additional Tracks for Gym Accounts 

We understand that you might need to have some additional tracks on your account during this time to diversify what you are offering your athletes. To help with this we will add 2-3 additional tracks to your Gym Account. You can use these tracks for an at-home track, nutrition challenge, or whatever you see fit! 

To request additional tracks for your Gym Account, contact us here.
Some helpful resources on how to use tracks can be found here.

Free Programming from our Marketplace Partners 

We have a number of partners who are offering complimentary programming which you can give to your members! You can learn more about these offerings by exploring the Marketplace here. If you have specific questions about the programming, you can reach out to the programming provider directly.

Virtual Community Resources  

SugarWOD is a great tool to utilize during this time. Not only can you provide your members with workouts and resources on how to get through this time, but your members can also interact and stay engaged with each other! Check out our blog posts below with some more information on how to build a virtual fitness community and run an at-home program.

Using SugarWOD to Build a Virtual Fitness Community

How to Run an at-home Program on SugarWOD during COVID-19

Questions? We are here to help! Get in touch with us at