Product News January 7, 2020

2019 Wins and 2020 Modifications


Hi Coach-

2019 was a big year for SugarWOD. As we reflect on how far we’ve come, it’s fair to say the SugarWOD of today would be barely recognizable to the product we offered a few years ago.

Over the past 12 months we’ve been dedicated to holding our position as the leading workout solution by continuing to deliver features and enhancements that raise the bar for our industry:

For your athletes & coaches:
World-class programming tools, with drag-n-drop usability, athletes and coaches notes, benchmark libraries, search tools and so much more.
1st solution to offer native iOS and Android apps and the only solution with 33,000 5-star reviews

A programming marketplace to save you time:
1st and only platform to offer an on-demand marketplace of fitness content
Premier training content from industry leaders like CompTrain, MisFit, Icon, HAM Plan and coming soon in 2020, NCFit.

Software integrations that make sense:
1st solution to integrate with Zen Planner and PushPress gym management solutions
1st solution to offer an open developers’ API
1st solution to publish RSS feeds, integrate with Facebook, Mailchimp and others

Supporting our community:
Sponsored the 2019 CrossFit Games Spectator Workout with 3,000 athletes over 4 days
Invested in an educational library of best-practice blogs posts and videos

When we joined the Daxko family last year it exponentially increased the number of resources dedicated to the success of our product and community. With those resources we will continue to innovate and deliver a product that will continue to fuel your community.

Modifications in 2020

As you may know, we announced new market pricing for SugarWOD on December 2, 2019 for all new customers signing up after the 2nd. In February, we will be making changes to pricing for our existing gym customers, but those changes will be at a significant loyalty discount from our new list price and rolled out over time. We’d like to be very open about this, so you understand the reasoning behind the adjustments, when it affects your account and how to contact us with any questions.

Just like many of our customers, SugarWOD started as a bootstrapped family business, so we do understand that any unforeseen expense can cause stress. We have taken this into account and believe that we are approaching this topic with care for your business while at the same time ensuring that we can continue to thrive.

The support that you have shown since 2012 has allowed us to build the premier workout solution for CrossFit and boutique gyms. We think you’ll agree that the value SugarWOD provides your gym warrants a continued investment in your coaches, athletes and community.

Why are we adjusting prices?

Any business coach worth their salt would tell you that you should re-evaluate your gym’s prices annually, at least. In the past year, you’ve probably added programs, invested in new equipment and trained your coaches to a higher level. You are offering a better product than you were 12 months ago, and your prices should reflect that.

Well somehow, we forgot to take this simple advice ourselves. Embarrassingly, we haven’t changed our prices at all since September 2016! In fact, an average gym of 125 members is paying the same price today as when we first launched in 2013.

What are the new prices?

For current SugarWOD customers, we have reached out directly with details on their new subscription price as they have received a loyalty discount from our new list rates. For new SugarWOD customers, we want to continue to help new gyms prosper so our prices are still aligned with your stage of growth. Also, the athlete “tiers” are now better coordinated with Zen Planner, our sister company, to help make your purchase decisions easier.

Who is affected?

This adjustment applies to all new SugarWOD customers and most existing customers. However, there are a few exceptions:
“Early Bird” gyms that signed up with SugarWOD in the first few months in 2013 are excluded, your prices are not changing. You believed in us from Day 1… thank you!
Military CrossFit affiliates may still use SugarWOD for free.
Gyms with less than 5 members may still use SugarWOD for free.

Important note: Marketplace purchases are not affected by these rate adjustments at all. Prices for fitness content you purchase in our marketplace are set by the respective coaches and publishers and remain the same.

When will this happen?

Our new pricing went into effect for all new SugarWOD customers as of December 2, 2019.

For existing customers, we recognize your early support and will split the adjustment into two increments spread over the next year. We hope that this will help minimize the effect of this change on your business. The first adjustment will take place on your first billing date after February 1, 2020.

Is there any “fine print”?

No! We will continue to keep our terms very gym owner-friendly:
All SugarWOD features and support are included at all pricing tiers
No long-term commitments, you may cancel anytime
As before, your gym’s pricing will auto-adjust as your athlete count grows (or shrinks) and you’ll always get an email from us first with a chance to adjust your roster
Our love and dedication to serving you and your members 🧡

And finally…

We know that a change in pricing is never going to be an exciting topic for a customer. Thank you for your support as we grow, re-invest and serve our favorite community of people.

Fist bumps,

-Drew and the entire team.