Product News October 18, 2019

Mayhem Athlete

“We’re all gonna win.”

1. Have fun.

“Don’t make working out an added stress!  Working out is supposed to be a stress relief… Have fun!” – Rich Froning via Twitter March 4, 2013

That is what we want for you at Mayhem Athlete. Have fun!

If working out, doing Crossfit, or fitnessing for multiple hours a day or even 1 hour is not fun, then why are you doing it?
Leave the stress of becoming the “fittest on Earth” to the Fittest on Earth.

Do we want to get better? Yes.
Will working out always be fun? No.
Are we competing to win? Every. Single. Time.

Do we program so that our fitness tomorrow, next week, next month and next year will be more than it is today? Absolutely.

But, if we are so concerned with the scorecard every single workout that we cannot enjoy working out with our friends today, in this moment, then we are missing the best part of the process.

If we never look forward to going to the gym or working out, then we should probably find a new gym or search for a better way of doing fitness.

Standing on the CrossFit Games podium would be incredible, but if you hate 364 days of the year for 1 moment of glory, then you have to ask yourself would it be worth it? The 364 days may be grueling, dedicated, and involve sacrifice, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be joy in them.

2. We’re all gonna win.

Rich Froning’s one goal every year for the last 10 years has been to win the CrossFit Games. He is currently shooting 80% on that.
That’s his goal. What’s yours?

Rich and Crossfit Mayhem Freedom technically only reach their goal once a year, but they don’t only win once a year.

They win every day they work out, and we all can too.

Around here, we are competitive. We like to win. We keep score. We know there are winners and losers. Losing is part of life. We teach each other that. We teach our kids that.

But, we can still experience victories even if we “lost” the workout.

Put one foot in front of the other and get your win today.
We win every time we do the workout when we don’t feel like it.
We win each day we do something we couldn’t do last time.
We win when we look ourselves in the mirror and know we put forth our best effort today.
We win when we have a good attitude even though all the circumstances around us are crappy and unfair.
We can all win.
We’re all gonna win.

Winning isn’t just a competition. It’s a decision.

At Mayhem Athlete, we have made the decision “We’re all gonna win” regardless. Because it is a foregone conclusion that we are going to do the right thing no matter what anyone else says or believes.

Winning is being a good parent, employee, student, etc.

Winning is living into the person you were created to be.

That is winning. You can win too.

3. Let go.

What else could you want or need?

You have the Fittest Man in History, Rich Froning, working with the Mayhem Athlete team in the Fittest Gym in History, CrossFit Mayhem, serving you to become fitter every time you get the chance to work out.

You are not alone in the process. We are never alone.
Thousands of others have joined in and so can you.

Have Fun.
Win Today.
Let go.

-Jake Lockert, Director of Mayhem Athlete

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