Affiliate Q&A April 7, 2019

How Does Your Affiliate Do The Open?


Hey Affiliate Owners and Coaches,

Raise your hand if you’re excited to run two Open series within one 12 month period!?

Hm, none of you are raising your hands.

Ok, ok I can totally sympathize with you. As a fellow affiliate owner, the idea of putting on another 5-week Open this October seems daunting at times. I’m still recovering from organizing the event in March! That’s why we’re looking for input from YOU!

Here at SugarWOD, we want to learn how YOU run The Open at your affiliate. Why? Because we would love to support your efforts through the app!

Do you run an intramural team competition or in-house event? Do you score events throughout The Open? What are the ways teams can earn points? What day does your affiliate do the workout?

We’re looking to introduce a few new features that would directly support affiliates in running intramural, in-house, or fun twists for the upcoming October CrossFit Open.

Post to comments with an overview of what you do and we’ll reach out to find out more.

You could help us design a new feature in SugarWOD!