Product News March 11, 2019

The New SugarWOD – Your Personalized Fitness Communities


The fitness market has evolved and changed for years, and here at SugarWOD, we are making changes to serve the needs of our athletes and coaches better.
As athletes have traveled along their fitness journey, there is a good chance they are at a different point today than when they started. Needs have changed, locations may be different; life demands have increased. Fitness is still essential, but it may have a different look with a shifted focus from before.
This update to SugarWOD was a response to reflect how people engage with multiple fitness communities. Athletes will now have the opportunity to have a  personalized menu of fitness offerings that reflect their goals and lifestyle. It is a combination of brick and mortar gym augmented with other fitness of your fitness puzzle. This could be a pairing of an athlete’s home box paired with CompTrain or a nutrition program from OptimizeMe.

Users will experience the change as they will find it to be super easy to jump in and out of the communities they are a member. We are very excited about this innovation and excited to bring it to the community of over half-million SugarWOD users.
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