Product News May 21, 2018

New Scoring Capabilities


We have great news! You now have access to a broader range of scoring options for your workouts. Some of the new options are pretty core to the system and have been long-standing requests, while some others, create entirely new opportunities for gyms. These advanced scoring capabilities provide your gym with:

More Options

We’ve always tried to keep “scoring” in SugarWOD simple. Since launch, workouts have had 5 core “scoring types” available. As of today, we’ve more than doubled the options! Including some innovation types to create new opportunities for interacting with your athletes.
There are now a dozen different types of scoring types:

  • Time
  • Rounds + Reps
  • Reps
  • Load
  • Feet
  • Inches
  • Meters
  • Calories
  • Other (free-form text field)
  • Points
  • Check box
  • Emojis 🙂😐☹️
  • Unscored workouts

We’re especially excited about the scoring types in bold. These new types create some interesting opportunities for gyms. Here are some examples:
Points: We actually built this scoring type to support a recent nutrition challenge that we launched with OptimizeMe Nutrition and we’re pumped about the opportunities that it creates for gyms. With this type of scoring, combined with the new scoring options (detailed below) you can run your own challenges. That could be a nutrition challenge or a challenge to drive a new habit among your members such as getting a point each day for doing personal improvement work like drinking more water, working on double-unders, or creating a better habit of mobility before and/or after the workout.
The Check Box: This is a perfect scoring type to use for an element of the workout like skill work or the cash out at the end of the WOD. With this new type, you can add your cash out to the whiteboard so that it appears on your athlete’s phones and on BoxTV and all they have to do is tap the checkbox if they completed the work.
The Emoji Scoring Type: The emoji options are Happy, Neutral, Sad. You might use this to get a sense of how your athletes felt about a workout or to gauge how they are feeling about their mobility if that’s an element in your workout. Many businesses are moving to a Happy or Not survey-structure that uses emoji’s to measure customer satisfaction. This type of score is a great way to get a pulse on how your athletes feel about changes at your gym, if you’re trying out new programming or new equipment it can be used as a survey tool to get feedback right from the Whiteboard.
Unscored Workouts: Nearly half of our customers want to share warm-ups in advance and on the whiteboard. This new option satisfies that desire—the need to share their warm-up to the Whiteboard without associating it to a score. With unscored workouts, you can post the warm-up so that it appears on your athlete’s phones and on BoxTV. But there’s no associated score and it’s clearly distinguished on the Whiteboard as an unscored element of the WOD. Additionally, push notifications are not sent for “Unscored Workouts” so your athletes won’t be overwhelmed with updates to the Whiteboard.
Check out our Scoring Details here for more information.

More Control

With all of the new scoring options, you and your athletes now have more control over how you score a certain workout and more flexibility when it comes to multi-set scoring.
With the new scoring options, you can define how SugarWOD calculates the score that appears on the scoreboard in the following ways:

  • Total number of reps or time
  • Slowest or lowest score
  • Fastest or highest score
  • An average overall score

For example, if you have a workout that is ten rounds of a 500-meter row, you can define the score for that workout as:

  • The total amount of time it took the athlete to get through the ten rounds
  • The slowest round performed
  • The fastest round performed
  • The average pace of the 500-meter row across all ten rounds

More Precision

With more options, coaches and gym owners are able to more accurately measure their athlete’s performance and we’re better able to collect more precise data. This provides the benefit of better data. Over time, we plan to create more ways that you can slice and dice your performance data that are enabled by these new scoring options.
These scoring options are backward compatible, meaning that your old workouts and scores will continue to work as they have and won’t be changed. While these new options create more flexibility for your gym and workouts, you don’t have to use them. Feel free to continue to program as you always have. But! If you’re looking for more control and more precise data, we encourage you to try out the new advanced scoring options!
Want more details about the specific new scoring options? Find them here in the Help Center!