Product News January 31, 2018

A SugarWOD Feature to Support Your CrossFit Open Efforts!


The buzz has caught on at your gym. Folks are signing up for The Open and you’re doing the work behind the scenes to make it a powerful experience for all who participate.
While you’ve been hard at work setting the stage for The Open at your affiliate, our developers have been hard at work creating a SugarWOD feature specific to The CrossFit Open to support your efforts and community during The Open!
Introducing The CrossFit Open feature in SugarWOD!
Here’s how the feature works:

SugarWOD will ask your athletes if they are participating in The Open.
#intheopen is then displayed next to the athletes’ names who are signed up.

Once the athlete selects that they are participating in The Open, SugarWOD will display #intheopen next to their name on leaderboards. This is a cool way to help drive participation as athletes can see which of their workout buddies are signed up!

Affiliate owners can see a running total.

Want to know how many people are signed up for The Open? We’ve got you covered. On your SugarWOD dashboard, see a current tally of how many are signed up for The Open.

There are a number of reasons why I think this feature is fantastic.

1. It keeps the CrossFit Open buzz at everyone’s fingertips!
2. Strength in Numbers! The visual hashtag #intheopen, helps folks at your gym see who, and how many, are signed up! If they see that their workout buddy is signed up, they’re more likely to participate!
3. It allows coaches to congratulate a member who signed up or encourage those not yet signed up to see what it’s all about.
4. Your athletes are proud to participate in The Open. This feature lets them share this information directly with the members at their gym.
Open your app and check it out!