Product News November 15, 2017

The Programming Marketplace is Live!


Recently we announced that we were working to make professional programming available in SugarWOD and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s here—the Programming Marketplace is live and available for SugarWOD customers to start using in the new and improved version of SugarWOD. As of today, if you’re a SugarWOD customer you can sign up for professional programming and have it immediately integrated into your SugarWOD programming calendar.

Why We’re Excited About the Marketplace

We have seen the tremendous value that professional programmers offer our customers. Our goal is to make your lives easier. The ability to use SugarWOD to automatically populate and publish the programming that you’re buying through services like Project Roots and Warmup & Workout to your calendar in SugarWOD is a big time saver. It also offers access to the benefits of professional programming to more gyms.
Some of the benefits of professional programming in SugarWOD:

  • Super simple sign up for professional programming. Seriously. All you have to do is select “Subscribe” and the programming starts pulling into your calendar.
  • Workouts, coaches notes, warmups, skill work, etc. are delivered directly to your whiteboard. That means gyms can save time with a pre-populated programming calendar that’s ready for you and your coaches to customize for your gym and your athlete’s needs.
  • Workouts are fully integrated into SugarWOD, so all of the workouts that your gym pays for are published and shared with your athletes, just like your own programming, through the mobile app, BoxTV, and your website.

The Available Programmers

Project Roots
On the surface, Project Roots is affiliate programming, yet we all know that great programming alone will not create a thriving and prosperous affiliate. CrossFit Roots opened in 2009 and has built a reputation as one of the best-run and most successful affiliates in the world. The foundation of this success is in the daily group class experience it creates for its athletes, the associated WOD Plan, and the high-level coaching staff it has developed along the way. Project Roots offers a complete system for those who want to create a professional operation, grow as owners and coaches, and build everyday Olympians.
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Warmup & Workout
Session plans are more than just programming. They are a 2-in-1 solution: Programming and a Coaching Development Tool. In each plan, you get a custom warmup, a workout with three levels, skill work, a brief and a warm down. These plans are written by coaches for coaches to give you a complete roadmap for coaching each class. Which means you also get scales, substitutions, goals for each workout level, coaching tips and strategies, the ‘why’ behind the workout and movement demo videos.
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Get started!

Step 1: Log into the updated version of SugarWOD (more on that later)
Step 2: Navigate to Programming Marketplace
Step 3: Browse through the Programming Publishers
Step 4: Select the programmer you’re interested in
Step 4: Sign up!

As of today, SugarWOD customers can access workout programs through the Programming Marketplace. If you’re already a customer of Project Roots or Warmup & Workout, contact either Nicole Christensen ( or Pat Barber ( to let them know that you’d like to sign up to receive their programming through SugarWOD.
If you’re not already a customer of either Project Roots or Warmup & Workout, now is the time! You can sign up easily through the Programming Marketplace.
And! If you use another programmer and want their product to be available in SugarWOD, we encourage you to let them know about the Programming Marketplace. Tell your programmer that you want them to make their WODs and WOD plans available in SugarWOD and to contact to get started.

Check out the Marketplace!