Launch June 27, 2017

SugarWOD Worldwide!


We are passionate about the CrossFit community. Since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to creating and supporting community. The purpose of SugarWOD is to connect athletes and reinforce their membership and belonging to a group so that we can all work together to get better every day. As far as we can tell this has been successful—with over 10 million workouts logged and over 35 million fistbumps given.
But there’s a whole world of CrossFitters; members of a universal group of athletes who have a shared set of values and motivations. Up until this point only small groups of these athletes were empowered to connect with, share, and support one another and it was mostly dictated by location and box membership.
We want something bigger—to connect all CrossFit athletes across the world. So, we reinvented SugarWOD to enable the global community to connect. What does that mean?

Here are some of the new features you can expect to find in the fancy new SugarWOD.

Athletes now have the ability to friend athletes at any box. Does your mom work out in another state? Cool. Connect with her in SugarWOD and give her a fist bump on her latest WOD. “Nice deadlift PR, mom!” For more information, here’s what it means to “Friend” someone in SugarWOD.

SugarWOD Friend Feed

Fancy Friend Feed

There’s an entirely new “Friends” feed where athletes can post photos and interact with one another through comments and fist bumps. Did someone catch a killer photo of you getting a PR on your snatch? Sweet! Document that moment. Let your friends know by posting the photo to your feed.
Are you competitive with a group of friends from an old box you belonged to? Keep up with them and use the new scoreboard filter to view a customized leaderboard and see how you stack up against them.
Want to make more CrossFit friends at other boxes or in other countries? Use the universal search tool to find athletes using SugarWOD, friend them, and share your WOD results with them.  
SugarWOD Personal Profile

The New Personal Profile

If you’re curious about your overall performance and participation stats, check out your personal activity page that aggregates your photos, charts, and stats.
And, for all of you Android users out there, we have good news—we’ve improved the Android experience and brought a few features that existed in iOS to Android. We also updated the user interface, so expect a new look and feel for all of you droid lovers.
With the new and improved SugarWOD, we hope to create a deeper connection between CrossFitters around the world and make workout tracking, even more, fun and addictive.
Want to see it in action? Check out this video. Then, go ahead, update your app (iOS or Android), friend some people, post a photo, and give some fist bumps!
If you’re a coach or owner at a box, check out the awesome improvements we’ve made for you and your gym!