Product News March 26, 2017

Publish Your Workouts Anywhere!


We love it when we get to announce new features that make your lives easier (and more fun.) So, we’re happy to announce that recently, we built a feature that enables workout publishing via RSS and HTML.

What does that mean?

Well, in addition to our Website Plug-in, customers can now publish their workouts directly into their website through an RSS feed or an embedded HTML page. Now, if you want to feature your WOD on your blog, homepage, or even your Facebook page, just use our RSS or HTML tool.

Why did we decide to build the RSS/HTML feature?

Just as your gym management software is the “system of truth” for membership and billing, SugarWOD is your system of truth for your workouts. Our goal is to be the hub for all workout programming, publishing and tracking within your gym. To do this well, we need to be able to publish your workouts everywhere you need them. This will save you time by eliminating the need to manually re-enter your workouts in multiple systems and websites.
SugarWOD customers should move out of spreadsheets and website management systems. Instead, with this latest improvement, SugarWOD can now serve as the only system you have to manage, connected to all of your other communication channels. Program your WODs once on the Whiteboard Calendar and, at the time you select, SugarWOD will publish your workouts to your mobile apps, gym TVs, Facebook Page, and website. Magic!

How does it work?
RSS Feed

RSS is a standard web feed format used to publish frequently updated information: blog entries, news headlines, audio, video and now SugarWOD programmed workouts! A typical example is when we subscribe to a blog’s RSS feed in order to receive new articles posted on that blog. RSS feeds enable publishers to syndicate data automatically.
If you’d like to learn more about RSS feeds, start with these articles on Wikipedia, w3schools, and Digital Trends.
SugarWOD can publish any number of RSS feeds, featuring your workouts in different configurations. For example, you can create a feed that has the “last 7 days of the Workout of the Day” and a separate feed that has the “current day’s Oly Club Workout”.
Using a tool such as FeedWind, you can even publish your workouts into a nicely styled widget anywhere on your website! Or, you can publish your RSS feed to your Facebook page, so new workouts are published instantly. Here are instructions.
For more information and to use this new feature, visit our help article for instructions on activating RSS. Or, dive right in and set yours up today.


Our new functionality allows a SugarWOD customer to create an HTML page, featuring a selection of workouts. Just as in the RSS option, you can choose the workouts that you want to feature on specific pages.
Once configured, a URL is generated that you can copy and embed into an iFrame or through a WordPress plugin. We’ve purposefully styled the HTML very simply, you can use our CSS classes to get exactly the look you want for your website. More information on CSS classes can be found here.
For more information and use the HTML Pages, visit our help article for instructions on using HTML.