Product News March 6, 2017

Big Social Upgrades Coming to SugarWOD!


We built SugarWOD to support the CrossFit community and have long wanted more ways for athletes to connect with each other inside and outside the box. So, we’ve made some improvements. In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing awesome new features that level up the whole SugarWOD app. The new and improved SugarWOD will be easier and more fun to use to connect with your friends and your gym.

Here are some highlights:
  • New tools for owners and coaches! The new features we’re releasing allow gyms to customize their Whiteboard photo, post daily announcements in SugarWOD, and get more eyes on your gym by publishing to the new Community Feed.
  • New tools for athletes! The new Community Feed allows athletes to connect with their friends all over the world. We’ve also created more ways to interact with one another in SugarWOD—on the Whiteboard, on a friend’s workout, and in their Feed.

See a Preview of the Upgraded SugarWOD!