Product News February 20, 2017

BoxTV Out in the Wild


At SugarWOD, we want athletes and coaches to have the best workout of their life, every day. For that to happen, a culture of preparation and performance tracking needs to exist at your gym. Our job is to make it as fun and easy as possible for athletes to track performance and prepare for their workouts, while your job is to establish support systems to empower your athletes to be their best. To support you, we created the BoxTV.
BoxTV is a system for gyms to use to enhance the workout experience by setting expectations with athletes for the workout and to reinforce the importance of logging workouts. Using one or more TV screens in your gym you can provide the following valuable information to your athletes to ensure that they have the best workout of their lives, every day:
The Workout: Using split screens, you can display any workout programming you want—the WOD, the warm up, Women’s Only, Strength, Oly, etc.
Athlete Scoreboard: A revolving scoreboard displays all of your athlete results from that day’s workout.
SugarWOD BoxTV
Movement Standard Videos: To support preparation, we pull movement videos from our library to illustrate the standards of the workout to prepare your athletes for class.
Hero Workout and Story: If your workout of the day is a Hero WOD, you can use BoxTV to display a photo, the workout details, and the story of the Hero WOD so your athletes can understand the meaning and purpose behind that day’s WOD.
Many gyms place their screens in the warm up or front desk area so that athletes can prepare for the WOD while they wait for class to start.

Lauren, the co-owner of CrossFit Ruston, recently shared that BoxTV is one of the most important SugarWOD tools she uses. She displays the movement standards on one screen on BoxTV in her gym’s warm up area where the athletes can mobilize while they get familiar with the workout.
If you’re a SugarWOD customer, setting up BoxTV is simple. Just visit the Settings area of your admin panel, adjust the content and appearance for your needs and you’re good to go! BoxTV is just a webpage, so you don’t need any fancy equipment to display it. The page can be shown on any device that supports a web browser.
If you’re not a SugarWOD customer but want to try out BoxTV, start a 15-day Trial.