How To January 23, 2017

How to Promote SugarWOD to Your Gym


Now that you’re using SugarWOD, if you haven’t already, it’s important to spread the word and get your athletes tracking their workouts! Below are our promotion suggestions.

  • Program the previous week’s workouts to the Whiteboard so your athletes can start adding results right away. For programming help, watch our Programming 101 videos!
  • Add our download badge, logo or banner to your website.
  • Post an announcement to your Facebook page. If you put “” into the post, Facebook will automatically pull a great photo from our site to enhance your post.
  • Invite your athletes to download the app and join your gym. Here are links to Android and iPhone.
  • Check out examples on how other boxes have promoted SugarWOD to their athletesCrossFit Roots (CO), Tidal CrossFit (Canada), and CrossFit Chamblee (GA).

We also suggest that you include information about SugarWOD in your athlete onboarding materials. Many customers feature the download links for the SugarWOD mobile apps in their welcome email to new athletes to ensure that their new members get in the habit of tracking performance, preparing, and connecting with the community.

Here’s a template Facebook post for you to copy/paste and publish on your gym’s Facebook page:

We are rolling out an exciting new tool to help athletes track their workouts! Download SugarWOD to log results, prepare for the WOD, and encourage your fellow athletes. Both Android and iOS apps are available. Find them and download at