Product News December 7, 2016

Update Your SugarWOD Mobile App by January 15, 2017


Recently, we made some big upgrades to the product, making it faster, stronger, and more flexible. Read the details here. With these upgrades comes a new version of the app and an announcement:

In order to continue using SugarWOD, all athletes, coaches, and owners using the Android or iOS app need to update to the latest version.

Athletes who have updated their app in the last three months are already on the updated version. But, we want to ensure that no one’s use of the app is interrupted.
What do you need to do?

1. Make sure that your app is updated.

iOS users must update to version 3.5.0 or greater (released September 2016) or higher.
Android users must update to version 2.3.0 or greater (released August 2016) or higher.
To find out which version you’re currently using, follow these instructions:


Visit the “Tools & Settings” area of your SugarWOD app and look for the version listed.


Visit the Main Menu in SugarWOD and scroll to the bottom.
Note: The coach’s website has already been updated and is not affected.

2. Communicate the details to your friends and athletes.

Simply share this blog post with other SugarWOD athletes to make sure that they can keep on using SugarWOD without interruption!

This is a required update—if you don’t update your app before January 15, you won’t be able to access SugarWOD and we will all be sad.