Product News December 27, 2016

December Newsletter | App Update Info, Meet a Customer, New Athlete Reports


We’re coming to the end of 2016 and the close of our first, full year in business. It’s been an incredible year. With your support, we’ve learned a lot and worked hard to create a product that contributes to your business and your community. As we close out the year, we have over 1000 affiliates and 180,000 athletes using SugarWOD.
In 2016, we were focused on scaling SugarWOD to accommodate more athletes and affiliates across the world. In the new year, we turn our attention back to innovation. Our product roadmap promises major new features and integrations to add value to your business throughout 2017. We can’t wait to show you what’s next!
We couldn’t have achieved the growth we’ve experienced without your help. You’ve helped us to improve the product and reach more athletes. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. We look forward to another wonderful year with all of you in 2017!

Update Your SugarWOD App

Recently, we made some big upgrades to the product, making it faster, stronger, and more flexible. Read the details here. With these upgrades comes a new version of the app and an announcement: In order to continue using SugarWOD, all athletes, coaches, and owners using the Android or iOS app need to update to the latest version. For all of the details read the blog post.

Meet a SugarWOD Customer | CrossFit North Marin

CrossFit North Marin was one of our very first customers. We recently interviewed owner, Amy Brackett about her experience as a gym owner and SugarWOD customer. Read the interview here.  

Why SugarWOD Doesn’t Do It All

At SugarWOD we help CrossFit athletes, coaches, and gym owners have the best workout experience possible, every day. SugarWOD doesn’t do member billing, point-of-sale, accounting, or scheduling. We don’t try to serve Yoga studios, big box fitness centers, or martial arts gyms. Our latest blog post shares why we focus solely on the CrossFit workout. Read more.  

Hot Product Updates!

We’re always working to make SugarWOD better and easier for our customers to use. A few of our latest updates include: 
NEW | Athlete Activity and PR Reports: Coaches and Box Owners can now access daily, weekly and monthly reports for Athlete Participation and Athlete PRs. Find the new reports in the “Dashboards” section of the coach’s website.
IMPROVEMENTS | Delete Athlete Results and Add Fields in the Athlete Roster
Read about all of our product updates here