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Workout tracking is not enough.

You need a complete workout solution that ties your gym’s processes and people together in a natural and engaging way.

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Control all of your programming in one place—workouts, benchmarks, workout plans, and notes. Our programming tools enable access to 1000s of workouts with an easy drag-and-drop calendar. With the ability to manage multiple workout tracks, custom benchmarks, and integrated paid programming, organizing your workouts is super simple.



Easily broadcast your workouts to your athletes. At the time you select, SugarWOD automatically publishes your workouts, each day, to your athlete’s (and coach’s) phones, your gym’s TVs, your website, blog, social accounts, and more.

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Athletes and coaches will come to class more prepared. Based on your programming, SugarWOD automatically delivers workout announcements, movement videos, personalized percentage charts and each athlete’s workout history each day.

Workout Tracking

With iOS and Android apps that are addictive and fun to use, you won’t have to pester your athletes to track their workout results anymore. Athletes and coaches can log and track their workout performance so they can see their progress and be better prepared for workouts.

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Community Building

Once class is over, your members will connect with coaches and other athletes to encourage and support one another. With shared scoreboards, fistbumps and comments (yay emojis!), your members stay connected beyond the walls of your box.


Dig into your gym’s performance and participation analytics.

Compare your gym’s workout performance at the WOD-level to assess the progress of your gym. See movement trends in your programming to ensure balanced workouts.

With our Leadership scorecard, see which coaches are interacting with your members. Or, see if some new “on ramp” athletes aren’t getting the support you’d like from the community.

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