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Our customers

Affiliate and box owners… you took a chance.

We know what’s it’s like to start a new business with a vision to create something great. We’ve felt the excitement of getting that first paying customer (thank you CrossFit Sav-Up, August 2015). We also know the pain when someone cancels and leaves “the family.”

We understand the highs and lows of combining your passion with your livelihood.

All shapes and sizes.

When we started SugarWOD, we underestimated the diversity of boxes in the community.

As we enter our 3rd year, we have close to 2000 affiliates and boxes on our platform. From brand new gyms to the impressive 18-location CrossFit Copenhagen. We’re proud to serve non-profit affiliates, military gyms, boxes inside large health facilities, and even high school functional fitness programs.

And, even though we got our start here in Colorado, over 25% of our customers now come from outside the US, spread across 45 countries around the world.

One thing all our customers have in common is that they work very hard, every day, to improve the lives of their clients.

We feel a real privilege to serve you and help you on your mission.

We're In This Together

Happy customers are our best salespeople.

1800 gyms in 45 countries serving 400,000 athletes.

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Great for members, great for coaches, great for programming. Love it.

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