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SugarWOD is very easy to get going at your gym. There is no equipment to buy and no software to install. You can do everything from your computer and mobile phones. In just a few steps, you can launch SugarWOD in your gym today!

How to Sign up For SugarWOD

Step 1: Create your gym account in SugarWOD


Follow the steps to create your account and create your gym in SugarWOD. Select the Start Trial button.

Step 2: Activate your account by putting a card on file

Visit your account signup page here (or, if you are already in SugarWOD, click on the green “SignUp Today” button at the top of the page).

Click the pink Sign Up Now! button, entering your address and credit card information as requested.

Step 3: Customize your gym’s appearance (optional)

Visit your Gym Settings page to add your gym’s logo and colors. These will be used to brand the mobile app experience for your members.

Step 4: Add workouts to your gym’s calendar

Recommended Option: Subscribe to daily workout programs from our partners in the SugarWOD Marketplace! Workout programs are automatically delivered to your SugarWOD calendar each week.

Alternatively, you can choose to program your own custom workouts for your members. Go to the Programming Calendar here.

Step 5: Launch to your members!

Your members can download the app, create a free account with their email address and add themselves to your gym.

You can include the download links for Apple and Android on a blog post or on your Facebook page. If you set up a Gym Access Code, include this code in the communications to your members.

Visit our help article here to use an email template and Facebook snippet to announce to your members.

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