Position: Customer Experience Agent

About the position

As a Customer Experience Agent, you will assist our prospects and customers as they trial, onboard and launch SugarWOD in their gyms. You will also provide ongoing support as questions and issues arise. Ultimately, you will help lead them to successful implementation of our product that provides ongoing value to their business and membership. Whenever necessary and as often as possible, you will create content (FAQs, videos demonstrations, blog posts, webinars, etc.) to scale our self-serve environment.

Email and Zendesk are our primary communication channels but you will also interact with customers via chat, phone and video conferencing.

We are located in Boulder, CO, but you don’t have to be. We make heavy use of online tools including Slack, Google Docs, GitHub to collaborate. We are open to local or remote team members.

A typical day

You will work with customers in all phases of their “life-cycle”:

  • Customer Onboarding & Implementation Set our prospects up with a trial and ensure they are prepared to fully evaluate our products. Oversee and walkthrough conversion to customer and ensure the initial implementation is smooth. Our product is very low touch and self-serve — our implementations take less than 15 minutes! You may also help customers connect us with their gym’s website or run an import of their existing workout data.
  • Customer Support Reactively answering customer questions through a variety of channels, primarily email. Composing thoughtful, personalized responses for a variety of customer requests and provide outstanding support to customers to result in positive brand experience.
  • Customer Success Help define what success looks like for our customers. Be proactive to anticipate customer needs. Periodically reach out to clients to ensure optimal use and retention of SugarWOD.
  • Knowledge Base Expansion For each area above, have the ability to spot trends and opportunities to enhance self service environment by writing blog posts, updating FAQ and user guides, creating how-to videos and more!
  • Team Collaboration – We would want your workday to have at least 3 hours that overlap with 9am-5pm US Mountain Time.

More about you

You almost certainly have:

  • Strong written communication skills with the ability to blend customer empathy with a clear and concise style.
  • 2+ years of relevant experience in a similar customer-facing role. You know that every bit of work you do makes a real difference in making our customers happy.
  • Experience with remote collaboration and customer service tools including Zendesk, Drift, Slack, Zoom & Google Drive.
  • An ability to collaborate closely with team members to provide creative solutions to unique problems.
  • Strong attention to detail, organization, time-management, and planning skills and the ability to self-manage tasks.
  • An understanding that what we do helps small business, gyms and online fitness communities serve their membership. We are helping the world get fitter.

Should we talk?

If you share our passion and would thrive in our environment, we’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at jobs@sugarwod.com and let us know something about you:

  • Why would you be a good fit with us?
  • A funny story of how you helped a customer through a sticky situation.
  • Something we could do to improve our website or mobile app.
  • Your least favorite workout.
  • Your work history via CV / resume.