How to Maximize Your Individual Programming Subscription

How to Maximize Your Individual Programming Subscription
SugarWOD is more than a workout delivery app. The tools available to individual athletes help measure performance and prepare for upcoming workouts.

Super Social
Connect with other athletes following your program. You can continue the workout celebration even after you’ve left the gym by leaving comments and fist bumps.

Enjoy some friendly competition with gym leaderboards. See your results and how you stack up against other members of your gym. Celebrate when you’re at the top and know when you’ve got work to do.

Workout Preparation
Better prepare for any workout with access to your personal workout history, a barbell lift percentage calculator, and movement instruction. This information can be used to help an athlete physically and mentally prepare.

Workout Tracking
What gets measured, gets managed. Athletes can log their score on their gym’s whiteboard or in their own personal logbook. Personal Records are automatically calculated so you can see your progress and celebrate improvements!
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