CompTrain + SugarWOD

CompTrain Class Programming is available to purchase through the SugarWOD app. All workouts, plans, videos and notes will be automatically published to your programming calendar in SugarWOD.

Current SugarWOD Subscribers

To purchase CompTrain’s Class programming, you must be the account owner of a gym registered in SugarWOD. If you currently are the account owner of a gym in SugarWOD (with a paid or free plan), simply visit the CompTrain page in our programming directory.

New to SugarWOD?

If you are not yet the account owner of a gym in SugarWOD, follow these steps:

CompTrain Class Subscription

If you would like to subscribe to CompTrain’s Class programming or the free trial they offer, you will need a SugarWOD plan with a credit card on file. All SugarWOD plans start with 5 free users.

  1. Start a free trial of SugarWOD.
  2. Sign up for a SugarWOD plan. Plans start with 5 free users (athletes or coaches).
  3. Then,¬†visit the CompTrain page in our programming directory, select “Class”, and click on “Sign Up”.
  4. After sign up has been completed, you may visit your Programming Calendar page here to download your workouts! Need help downloading the Class Workouts? Check out the full instructions here!
  5. If CompTrain offers a free trial, the duration will be noted with the Class product e.g. 7 Day Free Trial. You will not be charged for the Class subscription until the free trial period ends.
Questions? Having trouble getting signed up? We are here to help! Send us a quick note at