Give your members the convenience of one app for booking classes and crushing workouts.

Class Reserved

Simplify Your Member Experience

Members can view your gym’s schedule and book classes within an aesthetically pleasing app.


Your gym’s schedule in a simple layout. Athletes can see the time, duration, and location of your classes as well as instructors’ names.


Reservations at the click of a button. Once members confirm their reservation, the class will appear under their Reservations tab.


No lines at class time. Members can check into classes from their phone or cancel and reschedule at any time from the app.


Waitlists for in-demand classes. Athletes can join and leave waitlists and see when they’ve been upgraded to a reservation.


SugarWOD provides an excellent user experience while Zen Planner does the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

Member Management Meets Community Cultivation

With Zen Planner handling the logistics, SugarWOD powers the connections that matter.

Automatic Member Sync

Easily manage your member lists across platforms without the hassle. 

Free Onboarding and Implementation

We’ll take care of everything for you, making the switch seamless. 

Personalized Programming

Stand out by offering customized workouts and tracking for your athletes. 

Community Engagement Tools

Create a fun and supportive environment with SugarWOD’s whiteboard, comments, and likes features. 

Data-Driven Insights

Optimize your membership pricing, class scheduling, and more with powerful data from Zen Planner and SugarWOD. 

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Zen Planner’s Efficiency, SugarWOD’s Engagement: Your Recipe for Success! 

Empower your members, foster connections, all while we handle the gym’s engine room.

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Already a Zen Planner and SugarWOD customer?

You can easily turn on the scheduling feature for your gym under your gym’s integration settings.

Learn more and get scheduling set up for your gym at the link below.

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