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Grow with us.

Your workout programming + our workout platform = a great combination!

Build your business with us. Create a turn-key and beautifully integrated workout programming, delivery and tracking system for your affiliate and box customers.

  • Program workouts with SugarWOD’s #1 rated workout tools.
  • Automated workout delivery to your affiliate and box customers.
  • Include your class plans, videos and other supporting content.
  • Workout performance analytics across your customer / athlete base.
  • Deliver to both SugarWOD and non-SugarWOD customer gyms.
  • Integrated with your free Stripe account for payment processing.

This is your business to build. You control the products and pricing. Create discount coupon anytime. Get fantastic customer acquisition and retention analytics using ProfitWell (free) or Baremetrics (fee).

We’re looking for the best-of-the-best to be on our platform. To succeed, you probably have a history of delivering quality affiliate programming. A unique niche, programming approach or social media following will also help!

If this is you, please contact us. We’d love to talk!